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Unused skills get rusty and lose progress over time

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SSE version: Atrophy SE at Skyrim Special Edition Nexus

If you don't use it you lose it. Extremely lightweight. Compatible with other mods. Immersive.
Designed to be as un-intrusive as possible. Just install and forget about it.

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Full description:

I have always found it immersion-breaking how in the late game you eventually become a master at EVERYTHING, even in the skills you rarely use.
Make a few thousand iron daggers and you become a master blacksmith until the end of the game, even if you never touch a forge and anvil ever again.

So I made this mod to rectify this problem. Throughout it's development I had two objectives in mind: Lightweighness and Compatibility

Here's what it does:

  • If you use a skill everyday (or every week, it's configurable) nothing happens to it (you progress normally)
  • If you stop using a skill, after some time you start to lose progress in that skill
  • If you lose enough progress, you can even lose a skill level
  • If you lose enough skill levels, you may lose a character level
  • The amount of progress you lose each day is also configurable via MCM

Some notes:

  • The better you are at something (higher level) the slower you lose progress in it. If you reach level 100 at a skill you stop losing progress completely
  • Losing levels doesn't touch perks
  • If you lose a character level your stats and perk points won't change, but if you reach a level that you already had reached, level-up will be skipped
  • skill levels don't drop below 15 (game default low point)
  • The effect of the mod is added on top of the effect of imprisonment
  • works fine mid-playthrough no need to start new save
  • Training a skill with an NPC counts as use, but don't get too comfortable, if you only train and never practice, you'll start to lose progress again

The script I've written is extremely lightweight and optimized, and will not contribute to script lag, as it only fires once a day/week and then ends.
it's pretty much compatible with all mods unless their function directly conflicts with Atrophy. Perk mods such as Ordinator are fine. The load order doesn't matter either.

Additional Options in MCM:

Hardcore mode: Sleep: A hardcore version suggested by my friend Mern. The Longer you don't sleep, The faster you lose your skills. I will add more hardcore options in the future

Uncapped Skills Compatibility: Makes Atrophy compatible with Skyrim Skill Uncapper suggested by my friend InertRen
Experience Compatibility: Makes Atrophy compatible with Experience

Please make sure to read the FAQ in the Posts tab

I also want to shamelessly plug my YouTube channel. I make bizarre and crazy memes and shitposts for fun:
College of Winterhold Commercial

Special thanks to these guys for testing and their suggestions:

The Laughing Simon