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Tadeus is a master of bending the world around him. He uses teleportation, invisibility, clones, and frost. He progresses with the player. No requirements. A simple base follower with a few spells for vanilla, however teleportation in combat is great for adding mods onto. Give him a ninja suit and boom - immersion. Add some cool spells maybe.

Permissions and credits
Race - Imperial
Armor - Blades Armor, no helm or shield
Weapon - Katana
Class - Teleporting Spellsword
Spells - Teleport, Ice Spike, Invisibility, Healing, Clone(s)

Tadeus levels with the player, and as he levels, he teleports more frequently. His weapons and armor also level up smithing and enchants as you play. He can summon more clones at higher levels. You'll notice a change in gameplay. :) Go ahead and customize him with your favorite follower mods. Spells, armors, frameworks, etc. I'm certain he will be compatible. This mod is basically a skeleton for anyone who wants NPC's to teleport in combat like bleach or naruto or some shit. Enjoy!

Leveling Specifics

Lvl 1 - 24
  • 1 Clone
  • Sword Basic Enchant
  • Armor Basic Enchant

Lvl 25-49
  • 2 Clones
  • Armor and Sword Better Enchants
  • Armor and Sword Smithed to Superior

Lvl 50+
  • 3 Clones
  • Armor and Sword Best Enchants
  • Armor and Sword Smithed to Flawless


Sword - Frost Damage
Boots - Fortify Stamina
Gauntlets - Fortify Magicka
Cuirass - Fortify One-Handed
I need help figuring out how to make this script work without making the NPC un-equip and re-equip their loadout after each teleport. I made the follower 1.25 speed to make up for this, but I want this fixed regardless. Though they seem to pull out the loadout fast, it can be way better with that fix. LET ME KNOW IF YOU FIGURE THIS OUT PLEASE. I am using SkyAi NPC Teleport Scripts.

My Other Mod
Oh, you like boss fights and quest mods, eh?

Pyrotx for the teleport spell scripts from this mod
Xoleras for pointing me in the right direction. I included his script in this mod as a sort of fallback but honestly, I don't think my version works for some odd reason. Doesn't cause any bugs though, from what I see.