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a visual NPC overhaul of that wandering bard, Talsgar the Wanderer, that one you randomely meet while adventuring all over Skyrim, making him look handsome, sultry, HOT and a charming man.

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~*~*~*~ Talsgar ~*~*~*~

He is a wandering bard. 
He travels the land of Skyrim, constantly looking for new adventures.
He loves the outdoors. The wilderness is his home. The journey is his way of life. 
He breaths the fresh air, smells the wet grass, feels the snow on his skin, hears the birds singing.
He enjoys the freedom of being on his own. No limitations. 
You cannot lock him in a place. You cannot domesticate him.
He lives the adventure. He loves the thrill. 
Every day a different experience, exploring new places, encountering allies or enemies, wild animals.
He is afraid of nothing. He fight well. Even dragons. 
On the roads, he meets fellow adventures and the best heroes of Skyrim.
He writes songs about their tales of courage and honor. Got so much inspiration for his music.
He comes to taverns. He  sings the songs, he plays the lute, he charms the people with his perfect speech
He attracts the women, who fall for him and his song. But not for long. he will never settle-down. 
They are just part of the adventure for him. 
He is a free spirit and does what he loves. 
This is Talsgar the Wanderer. 

This version of Talsgar is how I like him to look. 
The original preset for this face was made by my friend Alduwuin. He made the face for his character Johannes. Johannes is a great and lovable character. 
I thought that this face could fit well the vanilla NPC Talsgar the bard. Yep, face is perfect for this character. 
So we decided to make Johannes as Talsgar. I tweaked his face to fit the character even more and be slightly different than Johannes. Like brothers but not identical twins. 
Now he looks sultry, very charming and handsome, appropriate for a sexy and free bard character who is very talented in speechcraft. 

I wanted this mod to have some other features, but that did not happen.
I tried to make him available as a follower, so you can ask him to follow you on your way, temporarily. It worked for some of the testers and did not work for the others. So can't be sure it will work in everyone's game. 
I tried to make him a trainer in speech skill, but I failed. 
Also could be cool for him maybe to have a marker, so you can find him on your travels and even a summon spell to call him to go wandering together with you. 
I do not have the knowledge and the skills for that. I'm an apprentice modder, not a mod god. 
So if anyone is interested in doing that with this mod, you can contact me. Maybe it will work. 
by now it is basically a face appearance mod only. 

The mod is a makeover of Talsgar. It includes a face that is High Poly, with hair, eyes, brows, BEARD
***IMPORTANT: This mod is not standalone. It does not include skin textures and a body.
This means that he will use the skin and the body you installed in your game.
very very very recommended is to use SAM body (with texture addon) or Dizona (Dizona Body or Dizona for SOS) . I use SAM in my game. He will look like in the screenshots if you will use this body and skin. So it is very recommended, although not a requirement. 
Other skins that can look nice for him are: Tempered Skins, SkySight
Anyway, some skin mod is absolutely required. Will not work with default vanilla skin.
For the body - can be SAM types or SOS types - anything you have in your game. Will work with the vanilla body if you have a skin mod.

*** Using the mod with other NPC appearance mods ***
I don't think there are mods editing his face, but if there are....
Technically it is compatible. There should be no problem. Just load this mod after the other appearance mods you have for Talsgar and let this mod overwrite them.
I kept his weight 25, like his default weight. BUT other mods that change his appearance may have changed her weight. So if you use other
NPC replacers that change Talsgar's appearance (maybe Pride of Skyrim?) and you see that he has a physical neck gap, this is what you need to do to fix it with the console command:
1. open the console with the ~
2. click on Talsgar
3. type: setnpcweight 25
4. Enter
5. disable
6. Enter
7. enable
and then he will have no seam.

I want to thank my friends:
 AldUWUin for making the beautiful face of Johannes, whose NIF was used for Talsgar's face. I'm not good in creating good looking male faces. He is great in that. 
The fantastic mod makers: Lord DirtnapFroztee and AldUWUin for the support , the guidance and feedback.
And the people who tested the mod. 

Now I will credit the amazing mods I used for creating this Talsgar and list the recommended mods for him. 
Big big thank you to the creators of these mods, I used in creating Talsgar:
RaceMenu for creating his face
KS Hairstyles 
KS hair retexture by ShinglesCat
Vanilla Makeup HD by DomainWolf
The Eyes of Beauty
High Poly Heads
Expressive Facial Animation
Expressive Facegen Morphs

These mods are mods that I recommend for Talsgar and mods I used in my screenshots:
Sam Light and Sam Light Texture Addon
Dizona Body
Dizona Skin for Vanilla \ for SOS
SavrenX Dizona Face For SAM Light
Silent Horizons ENB
Cathedral Weathers
Custom Light
Rustic Clothing
SC Eyes Cubemaps
Johannes the Pale Follower
JH People
NordWarUA's Vanilla Armors Replacer 
Big Leather Backpack
Rally's Music Instruments

Tools for creating the mod:
The Creation Kit
SSE NIF Optimizer

I hope this mod works with no issues. If there are things that do not work and weird things with this mod, please let me know, so I will try to fix them.
So...enjoy this mod! 
And screenshots are very appreciated. I want to see how he looks in your game. I will be very happy to see you adding the pictures to USER
And if you like this NPC replacer mod, please endorse the mod !