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Nicoroshi featuring artwork from Markswallartdecor

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This mod adds two new shields to the game featuring the artwork of Markswallartdecor from Etsy (with his permission). One light, and one heavy can be found at Evergreen Grove on the table in the pond. Base stats are Ebony and Glass. Can be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded as well.

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Kynes Tree Shield LE v1.0



Featuring artwork (and used with permissions) from Mark of Markswallartdecor

Go check out his awesome artwork on Etsy

Reason for this mod:

There are many very nice shields for Skyrim but I wanted to make something a little more ornate, and special.

What does this mod do:

This mod adds two new shields to the game. Both look the same but one has the same specs as Ebony, and the other as Glass shields.

Same weight, armor rating, same crafting requirements....same everything. They just look way cooler. :)

They can be found at Evergreen Grove in the middle of the pond near the dead guy.

They can also be crafted, enchanted and upgraded with either ebony or glass smithing perk.

Reason for vanilla stats:

This was done for Phat's friend Sah who likes to run challenges and needs vanilla stat items to keep competition fair.


None without written permission from me and Mark of Markswallartdecor.

I can be reached via PM on the Nexus, and Mark can be emailed through his web store on Etsy.


Mark from Markswallartdecor for granting permission to use his artwork images for the shield face.

Final Thoughts:

Hope you enjoy it :)