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This mod adds two new Shields to the game featuring the awesome artwork of MARYNA from Godsnorth (with her permission). One heavy and one light to be found at dead crone rock on either side of the mammoth skull by the word wall. Can also be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded. Base stats the same as Ebony or Glass depending on armor rating.

Permissions and credits
Nicos Raven Shield LE





Original artwork of carved Ravens used with permissions by the extremely talented MARYNA from GodsNorth.

Check out their awesome original pieces on etsy.

Reason for this mod:

Wanted a unique shield for my current character.

I found a TON of great designs while looking for one I would make specifically for my character so decided I would make most of them.

The 'I want Better Shields'or IWBS to stay true to the IWBA (arrows), and IWBW (weapons) mods I have already created.

This will be the first of many that will be added to an AIO pack when all are complete.

I will be releasing each individually (All flagged .esl) as they are completed for a couple of reasons.

First this gives people the choice of only taking what they want, and not being stuck with an AIO pack that has things they will never use.

Secondly it lets people play with what's already complete as I work on the rest.

Lastly as .esl flagged plug ins there is no worry about mod limit :)

What this mod does:

This mod adds 2 new shields to the game.

Both look exactly the same but one is light, and the other heavy armor designation.

Both can be found at Dead Crone Rock leaning up against the mammoth skull by the word wall.

Both can also be crafted, enchanted, and upgraded.

Crafting requirements:

The heavy will require 3 firewood, and 2 corundum ingots and Ebony smithing perk

The light will require 3 firewood, and 2 corundum ingots and the glass smithing perk


Exactly the same as a vanilla glass or ebony shield.

This is specifically for Phat's friend Sah who likes to run challenges but needs vanilla stat items to keep things equal between contenders.

Same weight, same armor rating, same everything. Just looks way cooler. :P


None without written permission from me first.

Just PM me on the Nexus. I am a reasonable guy.


MARYNA from Godsnorth who created this shield in real life and granted me permission to use it's likeness for this mod.

PhatBassAnchor for play testing and feedback

Final thoughts:

The beginning of another journey :)

To quote Bilbo "I'm going on an adventure!"

Hope you like the shields I will be making.