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Summon Wolves, Bears, Sabre Cats, and Spriggans, as well as Potent versions of each, and permanent versions.

Permissions and credits
Nature Summoning
Author: SubRosa_Florens
Version: 2.4

Allows the player to summon the following animals: Wolves, Sabre Cats, Bears, and Spriggans. Potent versions of all four are summoned if the character possesses the Elemental Potency perk. A permanent guardian (Thrall) of each can be summoned as wll. The Summoner, Atromancy, Elemental Potency, and Twin Souls perks all work with the summoned animals.

The spells (normal and permanent) can be purchased from a vendor in the capital of every hold.
Whiterun: Morcant, in the Temple of Kynareth.
Falkreath: Grimassi, in Dead Man's Drink.
Solitude: Penczak, in the Temple of the Divines.
Dawnstar: Blavatskh, in the Windpeak Inn.
Markath: Moura, in the Hag's Cure.
Morthal: Buckland, in Highmoon Hall.
Riften: Cuhulain, in Mistveil Keep.
Windhelm: Valiente, in the New Gnisis Cornerclub.
Winterhold: Starhawk, in the Frozen Hearth.

Version History:
Increased levels of all Potent and Guardian summons
Changed Potent Bear skin to that of a Snow Bear

Set all the summoning spells to disallow absorption and reflection

Made all of the spell vendors conjuration trainers

Fixed the grey face issue on the new NPCs.

2.0 -
Added spell vendors to all other major cities.
Removed the Ice Wolves and Snow Bears, as they felt redundant.
Included Guardian versions of all four summoned animals (Thralls).
Add support for the Master Trader perk.
The spell vendors now also have a random chance of selling a soul gem as well.

1.1 -
Fixed some issues where Potent summons did not work.
Changed Morcant so she will sell spells 24 hours a day.
The entry level Summoned Spriggan now uses the ordinary Spriggan model. The Potent Spriggan still uses the Spriggan Matron mesh however.

1.0 -
Original Release