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A small script, when used, will turn any NPC into a follower.

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About the mod:

A small script I made to make any NPC a follower.

What it's doing:

  • Adds faction to selected NPC
  • Changes their relationship to the player
  • Sets their confidence to 4 (Will fight NPC's stronger than them)
  • Sets their aggression to 1 (Will attack enemies on sight)
  • Sets their morality to 0 (Will do any crime)
Keep in mind that they are not essential, meaning they can be killed! (Making them essential requires their base ID, which makes it impossible to set them to essential due to the sheer number of NPC's. (Unless you set them essential manually))

How to install?

Place the .txt file in your root directory of the game. (Where Skyrim.exe is) Should be: Program Files (x86)/Steam/steamapps/common/Skyrim

How to use?

Bring up the console (`~ tilde key), then find your NPC, click on them with the console open, their name will show up, then type:

bat mf

And then when you talk to them, you will have the option to recruit them.


(If you have any suggestions and or tips to learn more about Skyrim modding, let me know!)