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This is a bat file that skips the College questline for you. Really, that's it.

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This is a simple batch file that completes the entire College main questline without doing it yourself. To use it, once installed (manually), just press the tilde (~ ` ) key to open console commands and type in "bat skipcollege". That's it. It completes the questline, adds the items you'd gain from doing the quests manually, (Morokei, the Staff of Magnus, the 4-5 skill books, the Arch-Mages robes/key, etc.). It does change your level to 24. It does not add perk points, or change any other stats-- All it does is change your level. 
It is worth noting that the magical anomalies that attack the city of Winterhold are alive, and there is a magical barrier around the College-- But, you should be able to get rid of the barrier using the Staff of Magnus, and get rid of the anomalies by other manually killing them or clicking on them and typing "kill"

To install, all you really must do is download the txt file and place it in your Skyrim directory, where the Skyrim application is. Not in the data folder, but I didn't need to specify that. It does not require a new game to complete, as far as I am aware. Photo included is irrelevant, but necessary to post the mod. I had no related photos in appropriate format.