About this mod

This is a very beautiful player home. It's a replacer for the actual Proudspire Manor. BUT it's not compitable with TMPhoenix's Multiple Adoptions mod. I can^t figure out why. I was hoping that you guys could help me out?

Permissions and credits
Solitude is my favorite city. Not because i usually pick the imperial side, but because it feels much less lonely than any other place in Skyrim. The Proudspire Manor, though, was a very cold place. I hated it so i turned it into a warm, welcoming place. BUT i can't make it compitable with adoptions! The kids keep going to the OLD cell which i deleted. They just float in the air. So do not move your children there yet. 

Modders: I know that this is a very helpful; warm community. I'm sure we will sort this out in no time. Now please take a look and tell me where i've messed up.


• Skyrim up to date
• Heartfire DLC
• Dragonborn DLC
• Dawnguard DLC


• All vanilla workstations and storage for them
• +1 kids bedroom, for up to four kids but the mod is not compitable with adoption yet
• Bed gives Well Rested bonus
• Nicely decorated garden
• House marker
• Bathroom
• Potion Shelves
• Library