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This is a Serana replacer I made some time ago.

Permissions and credits
First of all, I won't make changes on this mod, so please don't ask for it. It was my personal idea of how Serana should look like and I decided to share it on Nexus. I know there already are many Serana replacers, but I wanted to make my custom one. This was my first NPC replacer.

This mod changes the following assets from Serana:
  • Brows.
  • Eyes.
  • Face.
  • Hair.
  • Makes Serana essential. She can be defeated, but she can't die.
  • Body weight to 100. If you notice a neck gap, set her bodyweight to 100, disable and enable Serana through console commands and fixed.
This mod won't change these:
  • Skin.
  • Body.
  • Voice.
  • Any other feature of Serana. Won't break quests or anything. This mod only alters appearance.

  • Another Serana replacer?
Yes. It's my personal version.

  • She doesn't look like as shown in screenshots!
You must install a proper body/skin then. For the screenshots I used Fair Skin Complexion.

  • This mod bugged my quests/dialogues.
Nope, it did not. I didn't alter such things.

Brows by Hvergelmir
Eyes by Aberin
Hair by Kalilies
Skin (screenshots) by HHaleyy
ENB (screenshots) by Arindel