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About this mod

Sky Idles is a collection of my current and future idle animations. Animations are designed to be used with Dynamic Animation Replacer.

Permissions and credits

Handmade idle animations made with blender and tktk's animation tools. This mod is designed to be used with Dynamic Animation Replacer. Blender files are provided for each version, read permissions tab if you plan to use them in your mod. I plan to release my future idles in this page

Huge thank you to SgtGimlinho & Odysseus Gaming for the showcases!

Idle Conditions that need to be met before idles play (default settings)
  • Sword Master Idle: Sword drawn in right hand. non-combat state.
  • Mage Dagger Idle: Dagger equipped and drawn in right hand. Left Hand is free for magic.
  • Rogue Dagger Idle: Dagger equipped and drawn in right hand.  Left Hand is free for magic.
  • Mage Stance Idle: Dual wielded destruction magic drawn. non-combat state.
  • Crouch Idle: Non-combat state. Weapons sheated.
  • Glove Idle:  Non-combat state. Weapons sheated.


  • prerequisites:
  • Dynamic Animation Replacer & Skyrim Script Extender
  • Install/uninstall with your preferred mod manager
  • The chance of triggering animation can be changed in the "_conditions.txt" file by changing the "Random(X.XX)" value to your liking.
  • Installing and Uninstalling is safe mid-game, since these are just animations and contain no scripts nor esp(s).
  • There is no need to run FNIS nor Nemesis after un/installing because DAR is not dependent of them.

Compatibility & Troubleshooting:
  • Sometimes DAR doesn't reset the random roll, so you have to jump, re-sheat weapon or move considerable amount to reset the roll. Also check the idle conditions for each idle.
  • Other DAR mods might have higher priority. To solve that rename the "10000X" folder with higher number than the other mods.
  • Nemesis PCEA/FNIS PCEA installed animation mods will overpower DAR files, so you need to remove/move out/disable in the MCM the corresponding file from there. This is the most common error users have had with the mod.
  • The Rogue Dagger Idle is pin point on for LeanWolf's Better Shaped Weapons steel dagger, different height/shaped daggers can float or pierce through finger
  • Smooth Combat out of the box is incompatible with my Idles    Implemented a fix to the LE version.
         How to fix this:

Idle previews (GIFs play slower than in reality) 

Known Idle issues
  • Crouch idle: Feet dip into the ground, even though they are animated with feet parallel to ground (slav crouch). This is probably due to how the engine handles skeletons and don't allow certain degree of mobility when crouching resulting in feet dipping to the ground.
  • Mage stance: Sometimes only plays on right hand, this is due to DAR having a bit of confusion. Try re-rolling the animation.
  • Clipping issues are inevitable because I can't know how thicc/sticc your character is and the kind of armor you are wearing will impact the clipping too.
I tried my best to make the animations to suit both gender. Sometimes skinnier female characters might have arms a bit spread to sides, because otherwise male characters hand would clip through their waist.