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This mod allows you to recruit Saadia to join you on your adventures through Skyrim.

Saadia's Info:

Class: Combat Assassin
Combat Style: Dual Wield (Beserker)
Aggression: Aggressive
Confidence: Foolhardy
Mood: Neutral
Crimes: Any Crime
Assistance: Friends & Allies
Essential: On
Auto Level: On
Marriageable: Yes
Max Level: 80

Default Attributes (these will increase as she levels with you):
Level: 6 (if you are a higher level than this when you recruit her, dismiss her, leave the area, and when you recruit her again she will auto-level to your level).
Health: 92
Stamina: 75
One Handed: 36
Two Handed: 15
Archery: 27
Block: 20
Light Armor: 22
Heavy Armor: 15
Sneak: 26
Pickpocket: 15
Lockpicking: 15

Agile Defender
Dual Flurry

She comes equipped with two Ebony Daggers and a Torch in her inventory. When dismissed, she returns to the Bannered Mare Inn in Whiterun.

A) To Install, extract the 'saadia' file from the zip-file. Then place the 'saadia' file into your Skyrim/Data folder (ensure that the file is checked in your Skyrim Launcher, DATA FILES tab).

B) If for some reason you cannot recruit her when speaking with her, simply follow the instructions below to enter a one-time console-command which will give her the, 'Follow me, I need your help' dialogue option; which commands her to follow you. To do this:

1)Approach Saadia in the Whiterun Bannered Mare Inn.
2)Open the console by pressing the ` button on your keyboard (usually located in the upper-left of your keyboard).
3)Click on Saadia with your mouse; her ID number 000d7505 will appear in the console.
addfac 5c84d 1 (this console command adds her to your 'Potential Follower Faction')
5)Press Enter
6)Close the console by pressing ` again.

You have just made Saadia a recruitable companion.