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Go anywhere in Tamriel, region borders are disabled.

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Version 1.1 is out now, the Vanilla file with no other changes apart from the no borders line.

This is an .ini file to replace the original Skyrim.ini file (seen as 'Skyrim', you don't see the '.ini' part).It goes in My Documents/My Games/Skyrim. It is tweaked to remove the borders that prevent you from leaving Skyrim. Have fun! :) (if you go too far, you start falling through the ground, just use the console for this, type in 'tcl' (without the ') to enable no-clip mode.

Install note:

1. Go to My Documents
2. Then to 'My Games'
3. Then to 'Skyrim'. In that folder there should be a file called 'Skyrim'. (you can open it with notepad)
4. Make a back-up to be safe, then replace it with the file from the .rar you just downloaded.
5. DONE! :) Run the game, pick a direction and keep going. Remember that to keep going even after the ground isn't solid anymore, use the console and the 'tcl' command.


I made this in literally 2 minutes, if that. Anyone can use it without any need of giving credit. :)

Don't forget to endorse ;)

To those who know how to tweak the .ini file, here's the command:
"bBorderRegionsEnabled=1" You need to change the 1 to a 0, then add it last under the 'General' part of the file.