Hall of Heavenly Peace and Teleportspell by Satyr906
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This is a ruin in the northern style. It serves as a home for your Dovahkiin.

The ruins include enough space for weapons and armor.
In the lower part there is a blacksmith with a dealer.
An alchemist's bench and a table for enchantments are also available!

In the last section of the ruin, there are several Doomstones and a teleporter with whom you are teleported to Breeze Home! In Breeze Home is also a teleporter with whom you are teleported back to the ruins!

-I put all Doomstones in the great hall!

-In the great hall you can no longer fall down and get stuck when you walk across the wooden planks!

-The teleporter in Breezehome, is now in the alchemy room!

-I've placed two bookcases in the entrance Area!

-I delete the Dog

-The chest of the Dealer is now closed! The Dealer has a key for the Chest.

-All names are in English

-The Skeleton is no longer on the Enchantment Table

-I created a spell, so you can teleport into the ruins. No matter where you been! The spell you can learn in a book, which is in the ruin!

(Can anyone give a tutorial which explains how to create water in CreationKit?)

will build further on the ruins! Criticism and suggestions are welcome!

(sorry for my bad English!)