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A small mod that allows you to produce many varieties of alcoholic beverages (including those cut from the game and completely new) and establish your own moonshine business.

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Actually, everything has already been said in a brief description. With the help of an alembic, a brewer and a wine barrel, you will be able to produce almost all types of booze that are available in Skyrim, plus a few invented by me personally. You can even make jagga and rotmeth. Also, some of the unique drinks can be purchased in the taverns of Skyrim (except for Riften).
To create some drinks, you will need new ingredients - spices, sugar, and yeast. You can buy them from the argonian names Gerald, who lives in Whiterun, at the Drunken Hunter store. He also sells some other hop-making ingredients.
In the pockets of Gerald, you can find a letter from his father, and next to the wine barrel, Takl's diary clarifies the history of the appearance of devices for hopping.
The fixtures themselves are located near the Lakeview Manor, under a rock. It is not necessary to buy and build the house in order for them to appear.

To work successfully, you need the "Heartfire" addon.


P. S. Sometimes it may be a bug that when you install the mod Gerald and accessories for hopping not appear. If this happens, then exit the game, open SkyrimLauncher, uncheck this mod in the files section, close the files, open them again, check the box again, close the files, and start the game.
I do not know what this bug is related to or how to fix it.