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Psst. You! Yeah, you! The one skulking about! Rumor has it that you want a little more from your assassin quests than "find a person and stab them." Well, I know just the person you should speak with.

Head to Riften. The Bee and Barb. Find a woman named Silk - she'll be in disguise. Ask her for a Midnight Dagger and she'll know I sent yo

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What's New (Version 1.2 (28 Feb 2021)
A new beginning! Begin your career with a small killing in Riften before getting your next assignment.

Welcome to Infiltration and Assassination
This is an assassination quest mod. It has nothing at all to do with the Assassin's Guild or questline (don't tell them - I don't need Astrid hassling me right now). 
Here's how it works:
You will talk to your handler, whose name (as far you you know) is Silk, and who will be able to find around Skyrim wearing various disguises as she blends in with the rest of the people. She will give you the name of a mark and the general area where they can be found. At that point, it's up to you to find them, discover the best way to go about getting them alone, and kill them. 
Some of the clients will want the kills to look like an accident. Some will want it to be clear that the mark was murdered. Some will want your mark to die in very specific ways.
Along the path you will need to talk to people to find clues, such as where your marks usually hang out and what kinds of people they may like to have around (or definitely would not be around). Follow the clues to get close enough to your mark to do the deed.
How to begin
Go to the Bee and Barb in Riften and ask Silk for a Midnight Dagger. Then follow the clues.
Listen to the clients' requests and be rewarded. Go against their wishes and you may find yourself on the other end of the assassination equation.

Includes a Spanish translation of Version 1.0 courtesy of Athrel32