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Adds Castle Draco with Real Estate Office to the north of Riften City.

Permissions and credits
TES-V: Skyrim: (Required: Original Skyrim, Hearthfires, Dawnguard, Dragonborn DLC + Subtitles Enabled!):
Castle Draco
by: M7.2021/Version 1.0


The following Mod Resources were used in this Creation:

New World Mod Resource (Nexus Mods) by Breti:
New World Mod Resource by Breti

(Retextured by M7)
Script from Arrowsmith: Vanilla Edition v.3d (Harvestable NPC):
Arrowsmith Vanilla Edition (uses Script)
Arrowsmith (script); (Press "E" near cows)

Creation Kit by Bethesda.
Skyrim Mods & Modders Facebook/Discord Group.  

M7 2021


Visit the Draco Real Estate Office to purchase the Castle, during business hours.  It will cost 12,000 Septims. Business Hours (8am to 11:50pm).  The office is near / north of Riften.  * Be aware of NPCs near the Real Estate Office.


Castle Draco Gatehouse (2-level)
Barracks (sleeps 12)
Armory (Mannequins (4), Weapon racks, Display Cases, Bookshelves, Chests)
Separate 3 Level Castle Keep (Kitchen, Dining room, Bedrooms, Utilities, Storage Room)
Great Hall with Throne & Formal Dining, Waterfalls, Gardens, Wayshrine (+7 locations), etc.
Formal Kitchen & Pantry (storage)
Iron Mines (Gold, Iron, Stalhrim, Corundum, Silver, etc.) + Smelter/utilities.
Shops (Grocer, Apothecary, Baker, Blacksmith, Clothier, Jeweler, Librarian, Butcher, Mage)
Bath House (+ Spell FX)
Mead Hall
Servants' Room (sleeps 20+)
Chapel of Tiber Septim (Talos)
Water Wells (Outside)
Auto-Bartenders (serves Food mostly)
The Butler (Alfredo; see Quest) + abilities (dialogue - use Subtitles)
Custom Graphics/Modder Resources
Teleport Spell to return to Castle
Bath rooms, functional wash basins/tubs
Firing Cannons (Outside), Dragon Summoner button.  
Custom Furniture (Sofas)
10 Merchants (including a Khajiit/Fence-Follower)
Knight Followers
Sorcerer Follower
Bard, Horse-spell (see: Butler)
Hidden Treasury + Dragonborn Blessing Altar (needs 5 Dragonborn Gems from slain Dragons).
Courtyard with Farms, Meadery, Farmers (2) with their houses; Cows, Chickens (Press "E" near them).
Court Jester (protects you from the Elements)
Custom AI for NPCs.
Bedrooms in Keep: Master Bedroom (2), Children room (4), Guest room (2), Bathroom.  
Lootable Crates (2 types); Vaults, Granary, Wine Storage bins.
* Use with Custom Family Home Mod:
( )
 Custom Family Home Mod


Project started: 2/14/2021.

Castle Draco by M7.2021:
Castle Draco by M7.2021 (Steam)