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Fully standalone. It includes UNP, UNPB and CBBE. No high heels. Male and female. Beautiful swords. Armored boots. Three colors. Three armor types. BSA format.

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Dark Knight Armor - My Final Version
by Xtudo


My Final Version of the Dark Knight armor.

It includes:
  • Fully standalone (36 items).
  • Male and female armors.
  • UNP, UNPB and CBBE.
  • No high heels.
  • Armored boots.
  • Armored circlets.
  • Metallic, Ebony and Crimson cubemaps.
  • Three armor types: No Trousers, Trousers, and Reinforced Trousers.
  • The Boots fix.
  • Standalone BSA format.
  • The Dark Knight Shield.
  • Auriel's Shield, Shield of Ysgramor and Spellbreaker replacers.
  • Beautiful swords, one hand and two hands.
  • 3BA - BHUNP - CBBE - HIMBO - UUNP bodyslide conversion by Nekomata17 here.
  • Red fabric color version.

You can craft all items at any forge, no manual/book required; and you can temper them too.
The mod is fully standalone.

I did it for my game and now I'm sharing it, I hope you like it.

Change Log
  • v1 - Release
  • v2 - Added the Dark Knight Shield. Optional smaller shield version too.
  • v3 - Fixed the new shield mesh folder.
  • v4 - The three colors are included in the Main Download. Added beautiful swords matching each color. Some other fixes and tweaks here and there.
  • v4.1 - Fixes the metallic shield recipe. It won't require the Ebony Smith Perk anymore.
  • v5 - Male Ebony, Crimson and Metallic armors. Male and female circlets. Male and female proper inventory items.
  • v5.1 - Remade some of the ground meshes to avoid CTD. Many thanks to 4l3nZ4R (THANKS!) and Larys for the heads-up and testing.
  • v5.2 - Added an Optional download that changes the fabric color to a red palette. Both for female and male armors, with matching colors for the swords too.

  • All Kudos to DeserterX, for making this impressive beautiful mod, and free for modification; you are awesome!
  • Many thanks to Nekomata17 for the 3BA - BHUNP - CBBE - HIMBO - UUNP bodyslide conversion.
  • Many thanks to Billyro for his beautiful swords.
  • Many thanks to Hanaisse and Docteure for the Dark Knight Shield version.
  • Many thanks Billyro and Artsick, the new boots and skirt are based in the ones from the beautiful Peacekeeper Armour mod.
  • Many thanks to Chucacu for the Celebrimbor Armory used for the male version.
  • Many thanks to Bethesda for making such a piece of art! I love you guys/gals! :D

And the sisters Sarah and Cybele:

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