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A simple tweak to make horses less annoying, the main purpose of this mod is that it is compatible with Convenient Horses and any other horse mods you are already using.

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Welcome to Simple Horse Immersion Tweaks, or just S.H.I.T.

This mod affects the five horses you can buy in major cities, Markarth, Riften, Whiterun, Solitude and Windhelm. It does NOT affect any other horses!

I made this because I got annoyed that horses are slow and always die. 

It addresses the issues we are all used to pulling our hair out from:
Horses are slower than running on foot.
Horses have less stamina than you have running on foot which renders them useless.
You jump off a pebble and the horse falls down dead from the damage. 

Yes you can solve any of these issues by downloading a new horse or getting Shadowmere but I feel like the horses we can buy at the major cities are being discriminated so I decided to fix them.
I also found it frustrating that other mods that improve horses aren't Convenient Horses compatible but this one is. 

All purchasable horses are now faster, stronger, and have enough stamina that you will likely never run out. They are also immune to damage so you won't have to replace them every few minutes.
Just load this mod after Convenient Horses or any other horse mod you use and it will work perfectly. In my screenshots and while testing this, I use Convenient Horses with the Oblivion horses texture and after both, I load this tweak.

To install, simply download the mod, install with your mod manager.

Screenshot credits:
yulleona2 for her beautiful Evelyn follower
Convenient Horses
Oblivion Horses