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An alternative colorful and highly detailed retexture variety of skyrim's mountains and rocks with the purpose to give them the feel of the primitive hard land that skyrim is, it also includes their corresponding LODs, 1k - 2k - 4k resolution.

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Harsh Ancient Mountains and Rocks
is just one more skyrim retexture that i did for myself
to add a little more and different flavor to the game,
and i'm sharing them with the community,
i hope you like them.

There are two colorful varieties of the same textures
which give two completely different primitive aspects
to the mountains, the normal and the inverted version,
you can see the screenshots for further details.

They come in 1k - 2k - 4k resolution.

There is also a 2k and 4k system friendly versions in the 'Optional Files'.

My approach to the defuse maps is to give them a sense
of high mineral concentration, the normal maps are
free handed and they are highly detailed with increased depth to achieve that rough porus look that ancient
volcanic rocks have, the textures have also their corresponding LODs.

The 'Normal Maps' are "Uncompressed" to gain full detail representation and mainly to avoid the known issue of the DXT compression format causing "Visual Artifacts" and degretion of the normal maps.

Please feel free to share some screenshots.
I did this in my old laptop which can't run an ENB,
so for now i can't post better pictures.

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