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About this mod

A personal use mod I adapted from LegoManIAm94's Skyrim Custom Script Spell mod.

This rendition adds edited scripts and a plugin file to remove unwanted comments from generic NPC dialogue directed at the player.

Permissions and credits
Make sure you have installed LegoManIAm94's mod called Skyrim Custom Script Spell, and that it loads before this mod.

Currently includes scripts to toggle the following comments:
  • All comments triggered by a "colorful" magic effect. (e.g. "Oh!  Pretty Colors!")
  • Comments about dangerous magic.
  • Comments about fiery spells.
  • The comment from guards about your musky werewolf scent.  (I find it funny for a while, but eventually insulting)

Usage Instructions:

To toggle a comment type on/off, cast the Custom Script Spell and select the appropriate script.

If you have any questions or suggestions for new comments I can try removing with this mod, let me know!

I can't guarantee I will be on top of this consistently, as I work full time, but my experience as a programmer is really helping with the Papyrus learning curve!


Please Note: The scripts for TPOT should overwrite the ones added by Skyrim Custom Script Spell.