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This mod adds a spell, with a custom sound effect, that injects every haachama stream directly into the mind of the targets. Unable to handle all of Haachama's degeneracy at once, they go insane. Works as an overpowered, practically unresistable mayhem spell.

Permissions and credits
Haachama's streams have come to skyrim in the form of a spell. Duplicated the mayhem spell, but added a "HAACHAMA-CHAMA" sound effect and turned the magnitude up to make it unresistable to any npc in the game, unless it's over level 97. Costs a reasonable enough amount of mana to where it can be cast moderately early in the game.

To obtain the spell use the command [player.addspell XX0005901]
Use the command [help "the haachama experience"] to find the mod load ID for the XX

I also have more hololive spell mods coming soon , the next themed around Shirakami Fubuki

To Do-
Add a spellbook for it instead of having to use commands
make an npc that sells all of the hololive spell tomes

I believe I can also claim to have uploaded the first ever Hololive Skyrim mod. I'm still trying to figure out whether it's a good or a bad thing to have that honor.