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Adds a variety of Rabbit species to the game, with a book detailing each one and a few other CK alterations and surprises.

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UPDATE: Nedius has asked to use these bunnies in his amazing mod Real Wildlife - Skyrim by Nedius. Adds hundreds of variations of the basic wildlife - young and old, healthy and diseased, for a more 'natural' Skyrim.

Check there from time to time to see when they get added :3

6 different kinds of Rabbit now in the game.
- HD Retextures - 4x the quality so make sure you have a good graphics card
- DIfferent species with different loots, speeds, sizes
- A book detailing each species
- A new breeding program run by a specific NPC in Skyrim

Visit the Riverwood Trader (golden claw dude), and on the dining table is a book about the rabbits of skyrim.

Use NMM, manual install is per usual. Extract to data folder.

Potential Mod Clashes:

Mod will probably clash with anything that alters the prey level lists or edits extensively to the golden glow estate area.

If you are simply looking for texture replacements, go HERE

For my older mod.