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Adds 4 (actually 5) Illusion spells used to debuff your enemies

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I always thought Illusion could do with more useful spells, especially when it came to debuffs. So I made some.
There are four spells, with a special/joke fifth spell you can only get through console commands.
Due to their high magnitude values, these spells are great for power-leveling Illusion. At lower levels, even the novice spell will give you a full Illusion increase per cast. Their high magnitudes also mean they break through wards. That's probably a little over-powered, but there's nothing I can do about that.
The spells are...

Weaken - Novice
>Target is unable to perform power attacks or sprint for 20 seconds.
(Duration increases with Illusion power)
    The spell deals 5000 stamina damage per second for its duration.

Drain - Apprentice
>Target is unable to cast spells for 20 seconds.
(Duration increases with Illusion power)
    The spell deals 5000 magicka damage per second for its duration. After a lot of testing, I found the "Recover" data flag in the magic effect had to be removed because npcs could just regenerate magicka, somehow bypassing the effect. This spell is basically the "Silence" ability from Path of the Anti-Mage

Cripple - Adept
>Target's magicka and stamina are depleted for 20 seconds.
(Duration increases with Illusion power)
    The spell is pretty much Weaken and Drain in one. It has the magic effects from both with some tweaks so the spell displays properly.

Ravage - Expert
>Reduces the target's defenses for 60 seconds.
(Duration and Magnitude increase with Illusion power)
    This is a fun one. There are two magic effects, one that deals 500 damage to the target's Damage Resist value (basically their armor rating) and another that deals 100 damage to their Resist Magic value. Effectively, this spell reduces the target's armor rating by 500 points and their magic resistance down to 0%. Great for dealing with enemies that just won't take a hit.

Joke Spell (Only obtainable through console commands)
Instant Death - Master
>Target is unable to be alive for a few seconds.
    Weaken depletes the target's stamina; Drain, thier magicka; so obviously I had to include one that did the same to Health. But, while all these spells are powerful (maybe over-powered to some), I felt a spell that can instantly kill any target shouldn't be accessible through normal gameplay. The spell deals 9999999 damage per second for its duration, instantly killing anything.

All the spell tomes (except for Instant Death) are added to spell tome vendor leveled lists. Weaken can be bought from the Riverwood Trader.

If you feel the spells are too powerful and have the know-how, by all means, feel free to tweak them to your liking.

This mod is completely standalone, so it can easily be merged with other mods to save esp slots.

If you have the means and desire to do so, you can also port this to Special Edition and console platforms as long as you credit me as the original creator.

This mod has a sister: Alchemy Toxins and Serums

It also has an Enderal Version: Psionic Debuffs