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Adds new powerful poisons, potions, and ingredients.

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I always felt the poisons and potions in Skyrim weren't really potent enough to warrant use. So I made some new ones.

Serums are the beneficial potions. There are four in total:

Black Serum
>Improves Sneak, Pickpocket, Conjuration Duration, and Illusion Power by 75% for 180 seconds.
    About: Uses four separate magic effects targeting the Peak Value Modifiers for the Sneak, Pickpocket, Conjuration, and Illusion Power Modifiers. The Black Serum has longer-lasting effects than the other two serums because this it's intended for both combat and non-combat usage.

Combat Serum
>Improves Attack Damage, Destruction Power, and Restoration Power by 50% for 90 seconds.
    About: Uses four separate magic effects targeting the Peak Value Modifiers for the Melee Damage actor value and the Power Modifiers of Destruction, Marksman, and Restoration.

Protection Serum
>Improves Armor Rating, Magic Resistance, Alteration Duration, and Block by 75% for 90 seconds.
    About: Uses four separate magic effects targeting the Peak Value Modifiers of the Armor Perks and Resist Magic actor values and the Power Modifiers of Alteration and Block.

At level 100 Alchemy, these three serums can be combined into an Overload Serum (yes, inspired by Overloads from Runescape) in a cooking pot. The Overload Serum has all the effects of the Black, Combat, and Protection serums, but at a 2x magnitude multiplier and at a duration of 300 seconds (360 for the Black effects). In addition, the Overloads boost Health, Magicka, and Stamina by 135 for 300 seconds. But, taking in such a potent mixture isn't without cost, as you'll also take 250 damage to Health.

Toxins are the harmful poisons. There are also four of these:

Corrosive Agent
>Target's armor rating is reduced by 175 for 60 seconds.
    About: Deals 175 damage to the Damage Resist actor value.

>Target deals 85% less damage for 60 seconds.
    About: Upon being effected by the poison, a perk is applied to the target. The perk multiplies their attack damage by a factor of 0.15, meaning for the duration of the poison's effect, the target will deal 15% of the damage they would normally.

>Target's magicka is depleted for 60 seconds.
    About: Similar to the Drain spell from my Illusion Debuffs spell mod, the magic effect this poison uses does 5000 magicka damage per second for the duration of the effect. Curiously, this magic effect still seems to work despite the Recover flag being active, which was the key problem I encountered when making a spell that does the same thing as this poison.

Instant-Kill Juice
>Causes 2000000 points of poison damage.
    About: It does exactly what the name indicates. Unlike its spell counterpart "Instant Death" (also from Illusion Debuffs), this one can be acquired through normal gameplay. However, it's exceptionally rare. Over the course of an entire playthrough, you'll probably get half a dozen. If you find one, use it wisely.

The mod also adds two ingredients, Hemotoxin and Batrachotoxin. These two ingredients are very powerful too. For the best results, mix Hemotoxin with Imp Stool and Scathecraw to get a devastating poison that paralyzes its target and tears through their health. Getting hit with a Hemotoxin poison is almost a guaranteed kill.
As for Batrachotoxin, mixing it with Deathbell and Hanging Moss will create a powerful debuffing poison. It won't damage the target's health, but it will deal heavy damage to their magicka and stamina, as well as inflict a powerful slowing effect. While testing it, I found that if used on dragons, the dragon's flight speed will be reduced to a slow crawl, making them easy to hit with projectiles, as well as looking really funny.
Mixing these ingredients into poisons will also grant a hefty amount of XP, due to how potent the final mixture will be. They're great for power-leveling Alchemy.

All serums, toxins, and ingredients can be bought from alchemy vendors, but you'll also have success in finding them on slain falmer, as the leveled list that contains all the items has been added to the Falmer Death Item list.

Now, these potions and poisons are quite powerful. Maybe even over-powered to some, so if you feel they're too powerful and have the know-how, by all means, feel free to tweak them to your liking.

This mod is completely standalone, so it can easily be merged with other mods to save esp slots.

If you have the means and desire to do so, you can also port this to Special Edition and console platforms as long as you credit me as the original creator.

This mod has a sister: Illusion Debuffs

It also has an Enderal Version: Alchemy Toxins and Serums - Enderal Edition