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Allows you to customize weapon speed by type.

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Made by request. This mod allows you to customize weapon speed by type. The default values are what speeds are in vanilla. When you equip a weapon, a small script runs that changes your weapon's speed based on what you set in the MCM. You have the option to have it affect NPC's too. Note that setting to the max of 3.0 will make them really fast.

Version 1.4 - Please Read!!!
In Version 1.4 I added the ability to add your own weapon types. This also set's weapon speeds by comparing the text you set to the name of the weapon. It compares to the base weapon name. Weapons you rename yourself when enchanting won't work with this feature. This is because when an item is in your inventory it loses it's reference. Names that are first in the list take priority, so make sure more unique names are added first in the list and more generic names are last.

Example: If you have both Elven Sword and Elven Sword of Consuming added as custom types and Elven Sword is higher in the list, Elven Sword of Consuming will use the Elven Sword speed because it has Elven Sword in the name and is checked first. So when doing something similar make sure Elven Sword of Consuming is first in the list, and not the other way around. 

You can add up to 124 custom types. Note that the more types you add, the more it will affect performance because the mod will check all of your added types when setting weapon speed. Adding 20 or so types shouldn't be a problem but if you have say 100 extra types this could cause performance issues. 

Because of this I added some options for better performance. By default Set Weapon Speeds on Game Load is checked. This will set all of the weapon's speeds in your game when you load a save. Your equipped weapons are set first, then the weapons in your inventory, then all other weapons. This could take a couple of minutes based on how many custom types you have and how many weapon mods you have, but, once they are set then the script doesn't need to do anything else during your session. You can choose to set weapon speed OnEquip and for NPC's OnCombatStart, but this shouldn't be necessary if  Set Weapon Speeds on Game Load is checked.

This mod is compatible with pretty much everything. I also added other weapon types found in Immersive Weapons and Animated Armoury. The new weapon types compare text to the name of a weapon. So, for instance, if the weapon has "Spear" in its name, it will use the spear speed. This means that spears added by other mods should be affected by this mod, as long as spear is in the weapon's name.

Known Issues
Even if you choose not to affect NPC's, if an NPC has the same weapon as you, say a dwarven axe, that NPC's weapon speed will be the same as yours. That's cause you can't edit weapon stat references, only the base item.


Extract to your data folder and check in your load order. After loading your game, activate the mod in the MCM.

If updating: De-activate the mod in the MCM, make a new save, install the update, load your game an activate again in the MCM