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Player home North of Riften, next to Stoney Creek Cave.

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Tranquil Grove Residence
Player home North of Riften, next to Stoney Creek Cave. This mod is made for the single Dragonborn or a Dragonborn and one follower/spouse. Map marker is visible and can be travelled to immediately. [Requires ALL DLC]

House is fully navmeshed and mod cleaned in TESVEdit.

NOTICE: I use certain retextures. If you don't use those retextures, some parts of the house will look a bit different
If you want it to look the same use these mods:

ENB Used: "Millepon Diamond ENB"

I made this mod for personal use since whenever I play, I only have my follower/spouse and I never adopt children. Therefore, there aren't any additional follower or children bedrooms.

The house consists of:
  • A living room
  • A room with all blacksmithing, enchanting, and alchemy tables and a staff enchanter
  • A kitchen with an oven and a cooking pot
  • A bedroom upstairs with a double bed, and a bath with NPC auto-undress
  • Many idle markers for followers and some for player character.

  • The house is located next to a beautiful pond so you can enjoy the view from the balcony, or on the hammocks or on the dock.
  • The pond has NPC auto-strip.

If you want your follower/spouse to live in the house use a mod like "Spouses can live anywhere" or "My home is your home"

Extract zip into skyrim/data folder, or let your mod organizer install it.

Please keep in mind that I have only tested this on my PC, so I don't know how it will run on other PCs. Also, this is my first time dealing with exteriors, therefore, it's not perfect.


Resources used:
  • Insanity Sorrow
  • Stroti
  • Tamira
  • Elianora
  • Nostromo79
  • monk_ide
  • BrettM (FPI Pack)
  • Balkan
  • Lilith
  • Lolicept
  • Gentester
  • Runspect
  • Blary
  • Flintone
  • DarkFox127 & Ac3s For Resources, Tutorials and Scripts
  • Jokerine
  • Blary
  • Oaristys
  • Lor
  • the_funktasm
  • mrpdean