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Ultimate Vampire Mod ~ Better Vampires!

[Checkout Brehanins Vampire Mod!]

This mod was created to make the Vampires a better "race" to play as within the game.
I wanted to be a vampire where Feeding makes you stronger not weaker! Skyrims vision of vampires
is very odd as they grow stronger when they don't feed but then become "hated" - This is not a Vampire in my vision!

Vampires are powerful undead creatures which get weaker as they hunger for blood but are strong, fast immortal creatures when they have fed recently.


There are Two stages of Vampireism, The first stage is the Strong stage where the vampire is at it's strongest but they are not hated by NPCs. They do not get effected by the Sun and still have the ability to Regenerate their stamina, magicka and Health during daylight.

Strong Stage
  • 100% Frost Resistance
  • 15% Weakness to Fire
  • +20 Extra Unarmed Damage
  • Health Increased by 10
  • Magicka Increased by 15
  • Stamina Increased by 10
  • The "Daytime Debuffs" are Removed. (Such as unable to regen Magicka, Health, Stamina etc)
  • SPELLS: (Vampiric Drain, Vampires Seduction, Vampires Servant, Embrace the Shadows, Vampires Sight[TOGGLEABLE])
  • Waterbreathing

Weak Stage
  • 10% Frost Resistance
  • 70% Weakness to Fire
  • +5 Unarmed Damage
  • NO Buffs to Health, Stamina, Magicka
  • "Daytime Debuffs" Re-enabled (Unable to Regen Health, Magicka, Stamina, Etc.. In Daylight [05:00 - 17:00 Game Time]
  • Vampires Charm Spell Removed, All other spells Weakend.
  • Waterbreathing

It takes 3 In-Game Days without Feeding on blood to become a Stage 2 Vampire which is drasticly weakend from it's first form.

Download the compressed WinRAR Archive and Extract it to any Location, Then take the UltVamMod.ESP and place it in your SKYRIM/DATA Directory.

You will also have a Scripts folder which needs to be placed in the same folder as the ESP file.
Overwrite any Existing files BUT keep a backup of the files the mod replaces.

- Please leave your feedback in the comments section! Also, If you find a bug then feel free to leave a comment about it and I'll fix it ASAP. - Also leave any sugestions in the comments also.

Thank you! I hope you Enjoy.