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Ragnar Lothbrok, armor, axe, shield,
From Vikings TV show
(season 2 outfit)

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Ragnar Lothbrok, Vikings TV show inspired
Ragnar Lothbrok Armor, Axe, Shield, Cloak.
(season 2 outfit)

This mode allows you to make Ragnar Lothrbrok (armor, axe, shield & Cloak) from the Vikings TV show " season 2 Outfit "

- The Armor and the Shield is light, and have a steel armor rating 
- The axe has steel axe damage rating
- The Cloak is just a cloth it does not have any armor rating 

Crafting & Tempering:
the armor, the axe, and the shield can be made in any smithing forge with steel smithing perk,
they can be tempered too.
the Cloak can be made at the tanning rack.

Under mod tab of Nexus Mod Manager, select add new file and activate.
manual: Drop the files (RagnarLothbrokArmor.bsa and RagnarLothbrokArmor.esp) into your skyrim data folder directory, 
Activate the. esp (launcher or NMM).

recommended thing:
- if u want to make the hair just like the pictures
press the ~ button in your keyboard and type showracemenu and choose the hair that match the pictures

- make your character body the biggest

v1.2 Chalgelog:
- support all races
- add Female armor ( Lagertha Armor , boots , gauntlet , sword  & shield  ) from season 3 of the show
before installing  v 1.2  remove the previews version of this mod and make a clean save thin install v1.2

recommended mode:
360 Walk and Run Plus
to prevent the cloak from clipping on your feet

Q: Why it is a light armor and shield?
A: Because the Viking " as far as i know " they use some kind of light armor 

Thank you all for downloading and for the endorsement

have good day

Do not hesitate to upload any photos of this mod,  because i am making a main menu , i have all ready made  music from the show , and waiting for the perfect picture