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Illusory Shapeshift

This mod adds some very powerful new spells to the game. The caster becomes invisible and summons an alias for a periode of time.
These spells are perfect to escape complicated situations or to lure all enemys in one place while sneeking into an advantage position.
The problem with normal shapeshift is, if you're a bear, you're a bear!
Looks cool but is increadibly hard to balance in combat, as every werewolf will know. So this is another approach.
!!All spell require Illusion level 50!!

You can obtain these spells by crafting the spell tomes.
This is done at the tanning rack by using the following ingredients:
- 1 Roll of Paper
- 1 Filled Grand Soul Gem
- 1 Nirnroot (for Invisibility effect)
- the essence of the alias (eg Sabrecat: 1 Sabrecat pelt, 1 Sabrecat eye)

If u r lazy u can buy em at Drevis Whatshisface, the illusion guy at college.

- Bear
- Sabrecat
- Spriggan
- Hagraven
- Mammoth

Note: This is just a peak on one of the features of my upcoming mod 'Black Magic', a counterpart to 'Black Alchemy':

As usual, compatible with everything.

- Copy file to skyrim/Data folder manually or via mod-manager.
- Activate file via launcher or mod-manager.

- Deactivate file via launcher or mod-manager.
- Delete file from skyrim/Data folder manually or via mod-manager.

Have fun!