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Completely remade version of my SSE mod by the same name.
Simple mod that makes some changes to the way you buy Proudspire Manor, suitable for a Thalmor playthrough.

Please let me know if the mod behaves strangely or I've packaged it wrong. I swear I'm starting to forget how to do this from week to week.

Permissions and credits
If you're planning to use the beautiful Aldmeri Proudspire Manor TNF  by CursedObjects , or you are just a Thalmor who wants Proudspire Manor, you might like this.

But if you're using CursedObjects 's Aldmeri Proudspire Manor TNF but are NOT doing a Thalmor Playthrough, don't use this mod. It will change your dialogue options for the quest 'Elisif's Tribute' (SolitudeFreeform07), and will make no sense for any other faction or political affiliation.

You still have to complete the quest 'The Man Who Cried Wolf'.

No longer are you forced to compromise your principles. You can simply buy the house after a short, effective argument with Jarl Elisif.

I don't know why I'm putting the plot in as spoilers, but here it is:

In the vanilla version:

- Elisif asks you to place a tribute for her dead husband at a shrine of Talos near Shimmermist Cave
- You approach the shrine
- Agent Lorcalin the Thalmor jumps out from behind a bush and attacks you like a pantomime villain
- You kill him
- You go back to Elisif and get permission to buy the house. It is expensive

In my Thalmor-friendly version:

- Elisif asks you to place a tribute for her dead husband at a shrine of Talos near Shimmermist Cave
- You explain that this is an unreasonable request
- You threaten her beloved citizens
- She gives you permission to buy the house so you'll stop talking. It is still expensive, but the Aldmeri Dominion will pay for everything (there is a chest in the Solitude Thalmor Headquarters, under the map table)
- If you do approach the shrine of Talos at any point, Agent Lorcalin will NOT jump out from behind a bush and attack you, but he will be guarding the shrine, with a friend.
- You and Agent Lorcalin can have a good laugh about the whole situation at Jarl Elisif's expense. Her husband's dead and she's sad and then you frightened her. Isn't that funny?  

Other potentially useful information:

Agent Lorcalin is now a new, unique NPC with ID xx00182a. His friend is xx2875. I think that's right. Let me know if not. He and his friend are also potential followers if you have Relationship Dialogue Overhaul. If not, you can still talk to him.
If you don't have enough money and want some now, there is a chest under the map table in the Thalmor Headquarters in Solitude with some money in. Yes, it's compatible with things that lightly alter the inside of the HQ.
I hope it works. I hope you like it.

I should add - and I'm sorry I didn't earlier - that the dialogue was made approximately 2000% easier with Voice File Reference Tool 2. It's a wonderful thing and you should look at it for all your vanilla voice file dialogue-splicing needs.

If you enjoy being a Thalmor agent and bullying innocent citizens, you might like my other LE mods, Thalmor Dialogue and Quests for LE and Missing in Action as a Thalmor for LE and also Quest Notes - Roleplay as a Thalmor Agent by Paulicus1.