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I liked the idea of having map icons for locations that should have had them in the first place e.g. Player Homes/Markets etc but every now and again I'd come accross somewhere I wanted a marker but I couldn't have it without messing with mod files every time. I created this to allow me to set it from in-game wherever and whenever I wanted.

What this does is add a spell to the game that allows you to set a map marker at your current position as long as you're outside. You can then fast travel back to the marker at a later time.

Version Info:

Added a quest to allow you to find your map marker quickly - Located under Miscellaneous in the list. Will be enabled the first time you use the spell. (Thanks to Furiant for the suggestion)

Planned for next version.
Allow multiple Map Markers

Planned for some future version.
Allow renaming of Markers (If I can figure out a way to do it, all attempts so far have been fruitless)

How to get it:

The spell tome can be bought from Farengar Secret-Fire in Dragonsreach-Whiterun for a very small amount of gold. I will increase this cost in a future version, left at this for testing purposes.

You can also add the book through the console by typing
help "Spell Tome: Map Marker" (Quotes Required)
to get the id and then
player.additem 1

Once you have learned the spell it will be listed in your magic menu under Conjuration as "Create Map Marker". Upon casting you will be presented with two options "Set Map Marker" and "Remove Map Marker"

As far as I can tell it doesn't conflict with any other mods and I have confirmed it is compatible with popular mods that add custom markers and also teleportation mods. It might, however, have issue with any that modify Farengar.


Use Nexus Mod Manager
Manually copy the files in the archive to Skyrim\Data directory and enable in your launcher

Use Nexus Mod Manager
Remove the three files below from your Skyrim\Data directory

Player Created Map Marker.esp
Player Created Map Marker.bsa
Player Created Map Marker.bsl


Comments and Suggestions are welcome.