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Fixes an engine bug where custom enchantments on items aren't applied when equipped under certain conditions. SKSE plugin.

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Fixes a bug where custom enchantments might not be applied when an item is equipped. This issue only occurs under certain conditions, most notably when:

   - The game equips an item automatically, for example when switching from bow to sword your shield might auto-equip and its effects won't apply
   - Equipping items from follower inventory or storage container (chest)
   - Equipping via papyrus EquipItem function (SKSE EquipItemEx is not affected), commonly used by follower/outfit management mods

The scope of this fix isn't limited to these conditions and there are probably other cases where the bug pops up. After an equip, it checks if enchantments that should be active are actually there and applies them accordingly. Works on the player and NPCs.


  • Use preferred mod manager or manually drop into <skyrim folder>\Data, no special steps required.
  • Make sure you have all listed requirements installed.


  • Should be compatible with everything.

SE version here