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Add a lesser power which place a rune step at player's feet. Usable for various action in the air.

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This mod add a lesser power which place a rune step at player's feet. Usable for various action in the air.

Rune lasts for 30 seconds or until next cast.
Duration will be increased by potion of fortify alteration or alteration perk "Stability"

Each cast costs 40 magicka. This will decrease with "Novice Alteration" perk.

ver 1.1 new feature
  • Player get falling damage resistance at cast moment. This can enable falling from higher place without damage.

However in case falling distance is further more, player may penetrate through placed rune and fall to the ground.
  • New power "Remove Air Step Rune" remove placed rune quickly.
Useful when rune get unnecessary and duration still remain much.
Spell tome is in a satchel placed beside the Hall of the Dead in Whiterun.

Recommended MOD
Remove lesser power cool down by Goodmarble : Reduce cast interval of lesser power.

DLC Dragonborn and SKSE required