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A spell to put a enemy to sleep.

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This is a modified version of the original mod Sleep Spells.
I really like it the work of the modder because if you are a vampire this mod become very usefull but the original version had a bit too version of the same spell and a level cap too low for my experience and this is what is coming out.

In this version i've fix it some bugs present like the spell that allert the enemy or that crime you,the level cap too low and now the spell work even if a enemy is allerted or fighting you.Work only on human target to the other npc it calm only.
The tome of the spell can be found around skyrim or in Dragonsreach in room near where Farengar sleep, can you even use the console command "help sleep" for obtain the id of the book and then add it to your inventory with command "player.additem" or Additemenu mod.

I suggest you to use this spell with Sacrosanct - Vampires Of Skyrim for a really fun.

All the credits goes to the original author of the mod for his work and if this make problem write me and i remove it.