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An overhaul of all vanilla races' abilities, powers, and stats from Skyrim LE

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DB Races Overhaul is my vision of how to enrich races of Skyrim LE game so that everyone would have its exciting gameplay features and would be pretty balanced in comparison to each other. I found out that some races in vanilla game have great advantages, while some haven't. So I browsed Skyrim Nexus to find a satisfying race overhaul. I had found three mods that have become the base of my mod. Each of them has its wonderful features but some features weren't satisfying. At last, I decided to combine the best features from each of them. Now let's get down to these features:


From this mod, I've taken heights, carry weights, movement speeds (yes, now they are different for each race), base attributes such as magicka, health, and stamina, as well as their regeneration rates, and finally - quite peculiar racial passive abilities, which I found really suitable and balanced. For more details on the mentioned features, go to the original mod's page and the info on my screenshots.

In this mod, I liked the realization of the active racial powers. With it, every race now has its strong ultimate powers. Also, I liked the racial skill bonuses here more than in the vanilla game. So I borrowed that numbers and modified them a little bit more according to my vision. For more details, check out the original mod and the info on my screenshots.

This mod presents an interesting idea of boosting race-specific stats every 20 levels, lvl 80 gives the biggest increase. For more details, check out the original mod and the info on my screenshots.




This mod contains only one .esp file, so you may install it via your favorite mod manager or manually drop it into your Skyrim/Data folder.


It must be compatible with any mods except those that alter vanilla races:

  • passive abilities and active powers
  • heights
  • movement speed
  • any other race-specific stats


Bethesda for The Elder Scrolls games
Erkeil for his awesome mod ideas
DwemerBot for Epic Races of Skyrim
camiongrenouille for Major Races Overhaul
All Skyrim players that will try my mod and leave their feedback in Posts

Fraternally yours,