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You can recruit up to 5 npc together using a spell , no more annoying dialogues.

Permissions and credits
I added 5 spells/commands : Follow , Dismiss ,Wait, Share and Relax they are under power .
You can recruit up to 5 npcs with follow and you can dismiss they with dismiss spell.
Your dialogue recruit slot is free, you can recruit with dialogue 1 npc + 5 npc with spell.

Guys add images , i want see your teams XD.

Thx to Saiodin

v 0.92

You can recruit only no hostile Npcs
Added spellbooks in riverwood tavern , above bar counter (for who have problem with automatic spell acquisition).
If a npc don't follow you , he don't busy slots anymore(a some Vicius in Solitude don't want follow me OoO ,maybe he is a dragon friend Xd).
If a Follower attack you , he is expelled from your team.
Some minor fix.

V 1.0

Added Wait spell and i ended "follow" script , it work like it should work
Recruit is serial , if you have all slots busy and recruit again, first time , you will replace first slot, second time second slot , etc.
Better control variable for better script control in various situations.
New spell projectile

V 1.1

Now you can Recruit up to 5 Npc (for request , but for me it is a chaos, but if you like it)
They now use steal mode at the same time with you, but they extract wepons at the same time with you (or all or nothing, game engine ).
I added two new commands : Relax and Share (in my opinion Share is a easy way to steal items, if i/you don't like it, i will remove it).
With Relax command , your followers can eat ,sleep, walk around and etc.
"Wait command" use now a new my custom script and it work better.
If you forgive your followers in Wait or Relax for 2 days they will return to their activities.

V 1.12

Followers wounds heal slowly when not fighting
Fixed Wait and Relax duration

V 1.2

Added DismissAll / Reset , WAitAll , RealaxAll
They work on all team , you don't need use commands on each single member.
Cast WaitAll and all your team wait you , recast WaitAll and your team will follow you again.
You still have your "single" wait , relax and dismiss command.
Some mods or "spawm" npc can cause problem with follow command, use DismissAll / Reset and your follow command will be like new.
In this version followers are not "protect " that they can be killed, if you don't like it i can restore protect mode.

V 1.21
Fixed Relax package , now it work fine.
I added a "protect mode" version in optional file