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Removes the 'WAIT' function for good.

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Waiting doesn't make any sense to you? You've scoured the internet for a way to remove it, but the only thing you've came across were unanswered questions posted on Steam by kindred spirits who we're looking for the same thing as you, and were confronted by butthurt PeOpLe with 'solutions' like: "JuSt DoN't UsE tHe WaIt BuTtOn, yOu DwEeB" or "oH mA Gah, HoW dArE yOu WiSh To PlAy A gAmE tHe WaY yOu LiKe It? yOu ShOuLd PlAy It ThE wAy I s4y!!1111%@^@ AnY bEtHeSdA gAmE iS sAcReD aNd It ShOuLd Be LeFt As Is, aNd  It'S nOt LiKe ThErE aRe 6824967000000 SkYrIm mOdS oUt ThErE, dUUUUUhhhh"? - You get the point.

So I made this.

This mod maps the Wait function to a mysterious key unknown to humanity, and it removes it completely from the in-game controls settings, so you won't be able to remap it from inside the game.

In case you already have a custom controlmap.txt file, just replace the 'wait' line in your file with mine (the one shown in the first screenshot).


Use NMM or drop the contents of the archive in the main game folder.

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