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Vander Nightbrook is a fully custom voiced courier-replacer. He is the Post Haste representative in Skyrim and will take over all deliveries. His origin-story comes from CouchWarrior and can be found on his YouTube Channel. Vander is not the usual Bosmer.

Permissions and credits

“My name is Vander Nightbrook and I am a courier … but not just any courier … the fastest courier there is!”

Vander Nightbrook will
replace the good old Skyrim Courier. Vander is a fully voiced (voiced by his creator CouchWarrior) replacer in his Post-Haste uniform, all complete with his trusty backpack.

After installing him you will also meet him once in Riverwood, where he will introduce himself.

Special Edition - Version here

Vander Nightbrook is your current Post Haste representative in Skyrim.
Post Haste is the fastest and most reliable courier service in all of Tamriel.
Vander has a deep and long running backstory.

He is a character straight out of the Lorkhon Universe a multi-character roleplay-story-experience
started about 5 years ago by CouchWarrior. Vander is not your usual Bosmer.

Here are the most important links you need to understand him:

And his Story "Rune-Runner", also on Couchwarrior's YouTube, can be found in the Playlist linked here!

But even if you don’t know his full backstory he will mix up
your game with a new Courier NPC. And there is no way you won’t love him :)

Mod was completly created in SSE-Version of the Game
LE-Version: All Assets got backported with Cathedral Assets Optimizer

ESP backported with a SSE-Edit Script
to be honest it is my first backport - so see it a bit as a experimental Version
testing went good so far

Since this mod edits the courier (it is only a courier-replacer after all!) you need to make sure that
the esp gets loaded after any NPC-Overhaul you have that also changes the courier.

The same is true for the Face-Gen Data (so meshes and textures from this mod) to not generate a grey face bug.

Also some parts of his look will be dependent on the mods you have installed (eyes, body for example)

In essence the mod edits only the look, name and voice of the vanilla courier - but he works completely on
the vanilla courier-system so mod-added courier activation for example should also work without any problems.

This mod is not compatible with Provincial Courier Service.

I would love to create a compatible version - so the Provincial Courier Service would also be transformed into the Post Haste office. But I am waiting for permission from Arthmoor.

A very BIG THANK YOU to Couchwarrior to allow me to work with his character
creations and the inspiration to come to the point where I release my first mod. So THANK YOU!

Also a BIG THANK YOU to the little group called the Dark Cabal from the
Character Crusade Discord, that followed me during my modding-adventure in creating mods for
CouchWarrior’s story. You gave me so much motivation and inspirationto go on with this.

And last but not least a THANKS to the Community on the Character Crusade and Northern Kingdom. You are awesome.

Also I want to mention here Darkfox127 for his excellent tutorials and streams
from where I learned a lot. So THANK YOU for your community work!


You can find CouchWarrior on YouTube

You can find me on YouTube
or on my small Discord Server

Some short words about me. I did a lot of mod-creation especially for CouchWarrior and his Story play.
I learned a lot from different tutorials and from deconstructing other mods.
I am by far not on a master level but I do my best :) This is my first mod-release so be kind to me :)

Also if something reads a bit strange - I am not a native english speaker so excuse me :)

I am thinking about additional maybe features or ideas for this mod.
But for now it is finished - but of course if any polishing or bugs need to be handled I will look into these.
Also,  like already mentioned, I am waiting for a maybe permission to make a Provincial Courier Service Version.

On the other hand I am working on other more or less smaller
and also bigger mods mainly to bring stuff I created for CouchWarrior into everyone's game.

Thanks to the following mod-authors and credits to them, without these assets Vander would not have seen the light of day in his original version. You are awesome!

Vander's Armor:
Letho’s Armor by amonewhoplaysgames - (Legacy, SSE Nif Optimized)
CD Project Red for allowing to use their Assets
LOrdOfWar - for the meshes and textures

Vander's Backpack:
Rerelease - Leather Backpack - Special Edition by LolzMan1325
theRoadstroker for the model
Tupii for the Original mod
CouchWarrior for the new Texture

Additional Assets for Vander's Face:
Fine Face Textures for Men SSE by urshi - Woodelf Texture Used
High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox
Smoth Faces for Ladies and Gents

Ethereal Elven Overhaul by nuska - tri-Files usd for Vanders Headparts

as mentioned above - all assets got backported with
Cathedral Assets Optimizer - uset for Optimiziation

I hope I did not forget anyone, if so please direct message me!