Dragonbone Parry Daggers -Ethereal Weapons- by DagothBalls
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Mod was using the model from my other weapon mod -.-
Fixed now, should be

Story Behind:
These are a set of Light and Heavy Parrying daggers from the Ethereal Weapons: Dragonbone Set.

The dragonbone weapons use an alloy of Steel and Ebony as a bracing and Dragon Bone as the main strength of the weapon. Sharpened dragonbone is believed to be the most deadly material in Skyrim.

Dragonbone is extremely hard to smith. However, once it is it will never dull. And will last for several lifetimes.

The textures are 1024x1024 to keep inline with the HiRes DLC.

This includes the recipe and Tempering ability.
Any feedback you might have will help.

To install simply extract the 'Data' folder from the archive to your *Main* skyrim directory and overwrite.