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Companions Hall - WORK IN PROGRESS - need feedback !

LOCATED NEAR WHITERUN (look for map marker "Companions Hall"

*As cliche here on Nexus, This is my first mod for Skyrim, but no my first mod for the TES series. The idea behind this mod is that how come only the Dark Brotherhood got a upgrade for their base and the Companions didn't ? And so i've been working on a new hall for the Companions, one that would fit the epicness of the Dragonborn.

# READ PLEASE - as i'm sort of new to this, could you please confirm that the mod worked at all in your game in the comment section. Thank you very much.

Version:0.3 Alpha
- Moved to Whiterun. Near the exit from the Underforge
- A modest sized exterior keep
- Furnished most members bedrooms
- Added manly shrines for Ysgramor's Shrine
- Workable Gatehouse outside

Version: 0.2 Alpha
-Main Hall with Throne room
-Modestly furnished player room
-Partially furnished Crafting room with Skyforge, forge, tanning rack, woodchopper etc.
-Ysgramor's Altar

- Questline: - to get the fortress after completing the Companions storyline
- furnish the keep similar to the player homes
- recruit followers as Companions members
- Rooms: - Kitchen with mess hall. cooking spit, a Npc cook, bar, barkeep etc
- Tomb with secret shrine for Hircine and Namira
- more things that i'm surely forgetting

Now bear with me because it's still a Wip, but be assured that this is 100% placed by hand and designed by moi, and I plan to make it as lore frendly as possible and try to make it fit in without overpowering the player in any way. Most items placed are static, thus not useable.

If anyone is willing to help me with some making a questline with this i'd be more than happy.
I plan on making it first as a a ruin, then upgrading it similar as you do with player homes, and then recruting several companions as with the blades questline.

Pleas comment and give me advice on this :D. thank you very much