Quill-Weaves House by Zorva
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Added: 20/02/2012 - 11:42AM
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Last updated at 20:44, 20 Feb 2012 Uploaded at 11:42, 20 Feb 2012

I remade the Prequel version of Quill's house for Skyrim, filling in the gaps with her house in Oblivion (which I'll probably have to fix should Katia decide to go right of the dining room thing or left of the entrance/Quill's room's doorway). It's currently in the state that Katia left it when she went for Kvatch, and will update as needed (though I'll leave past versions should anyone want an out of date one). I also made some basic NPCs of Quill-Weave and Katia so it's not completely empty (though their faces are white/gray, which I can't seem to fix currently). Just go to the console with ~ and type "player.coc quillweaveshouse", minus the quotes.

Badly placed into the exterior world and stairs are kinda lazy, will fix later.

Based on the version seen in which I do not own.