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(Work in progress) If you wish to contribute anything I will gladly accept. :D

Status Update:
Good news first I guess. I've discovered a fix for the grass issue, :D.
Also I've been looking into better ways to handle guards and other nuances, so that should be more streamlined.
Then the bad news. The CK's alias system is a M****F******A**hole. What that means is that the quest is coming along much more slowly than I originally anticipated. Once I get the hang of this (if) I'll be able to add content relatively easily. I plan to have the quest ready within the next few days hopefully. So stay tuned. :D

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Vesper Sanctuary is a castle West of Solitude geared toward vampire characters. Currently the player owns the castle but I'm working on a quest of acquisition.

- Adds Castle Vesper
- Adds a library and a council chamber to Vesper Keep
- Adds 3 towers as living quarters
- Adds a dungeon for thralls
- Adds a blood storage room (ice room)

Extract esp to data folder

Delete esp from data folder

Still haven't found a fix for the floating grass issue. Will update once a solution is found.
Library bookshelves may not work very well at the moment. (took 3 hours for just that lol)
Buildings may disappear at times. Known issue around the Nexus. Travel indoors and back out (refresh cell) to fix. Working on a solution.

- The quest revolves around a small coven of vampires who own Castle Vesper and who (somehow) capture/imprison you. Eventually they decide to allow you to become one of their coven/family. You are then granted the southeast tower (one with the round balcony) as a player home. The other members of the coven (6) own the rest of the castle respectively and will eventually have their own treasure room/thralls/tower/roles in the family. I'm trying to devise a way that the player could bring back riches/treasures/bottled blood/thralls to help support the coven and subsequently unlock services/more of the castle.