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Skyrim specially in snowy areas and at night looks just short of monochrome, this fixes that with zero performance cost.
I can't go back to dull skyrim afer discovering how to add color.

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This presets fixes 'monochrome' Skyrim.

I CAN'T believe i played all this years with skyrim like that, yes everyone knows the colors are too weak, but i didn't know what sweetfx presets could do until this year, i installed some enbs before but i had stuttering and with a light one like 10 fps drop, the difference between 38 and 28 is too much on my weak pc.

The problem is adding color without the game looking bad, like too saturated or the colors too strong, i think i fixed this.

Install with a mod manager preferably, and you can toggle the effect with SCROLL LOCK to see the difference in game.

If you think the COLORS are too strong, go to: "#define Vibrance" and change for something lower....
You can edit that in the presets in the folder "NB SFX Presets"

You can change presets even with the game open just save the file and press in game the multiply key on the numpad to refresh.
Version 4
I like this one more. tweaked some things.

Version 3 
This one has less vibrance for more subtle change, still very noticeable.
Also removed a setting that made dark colors even darker, and tweaked a pair of things.

To change between versions edit:


And choose between 3 OR 4:
#include "\NB SFX Presets\Skyrim in Color - VERSION X.txt"

Maybe later i upload more versions if i keep tweaking this.