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Allows you to upgrade Arissa's default armor at a workbench.

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Arissa is a wonderful follower. Everybody knows that.
My only little gripe with her is her armor - not the looks or its stats, but the fact that you can't upgrade it, even though it is removable from her inventory.
This mod changes that, allowing you to upgrade hers like any other leather armor, no perks required.

You obviously need the mod that adds Arissa to the game, here is a link:

To make it clear, I hold absolutely no credit to anything about the above mod. The minor change of making her armor upgradable is my only contribution.

Because her mod comes as a .esm, where exactly my mod lands in your load order shouldn't matter.

No, that my game is in german and I made the mod does not mean that any part of your copy will be in german as well after installing my mod.