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LE port of the Playerhome "The Foxhole - Player Home" for Skyrim SE

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LE port of the Playerhome "The Foxhole - Player Home"  by CaffeinePainter for Skyrim SE 

The entrance to the mod can be found by the Solitude marketplace. The door is a manhole cover, a little hidden. Inside there are several stairs and vents to create the feeling of a sewer that someone made their home. I aimed to make it homely, but also create a feeling of this being a hideout for an assassin.

There are loads of places for storage in this home. All wardrobes, bookcases, chests and bags that are empty are safe to use as storage for whatever you would like. There is an alchemy station ready to be used, as well as a corner for ingredients to grow. There's also a corner for weapon sharpening and storage.

Almost all items in the home are static to avoid things flying around when simply opening doors.

Considering the name of the home, "The Foxhole", there are two ways out. The manhole cover at the marketplace, and the other leads out of Solitude. This can also be used to escape guards.

Followers unfortunately can't enter the home, but should be able to get to the player if exiting a different way than going in, though they have to go through the gate of Solitude. This also means that adopted children can't be sent to this home.

No custom items have been used in this mod, other than converting movable objects to static ones. There should be no permanent changes to any items in the game. No items from dlcs have been used.