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This Mod adds a new massive Dark vampire style player home, In a new Custom world-space called the Lost woods. The name of the Estate is "Revenant Manor". This has been my custom player home for years. I created every aspect of this mod by myself and for personal use. I wanted to give back to the modding community. I will be updating periodically.

Permissions and credits
This is the LE version of my Mod. SE version here:   
(More info better pictures etc. on SE version mod page.)  I've stopped supporting this mod for LE, and am only supporting SE version. 

I decided this was too good not to share. So as my gift back to the modding community, I present to you "Revenant Manor". Happy Halloween! 


 I never intended, or ever wanted to release this to the public. This is a mod that I started years ago, and worked on a little here and there over the years. I've spent literal "years" on this mod. This was for "my" personal use. I just wanted to give back to nexus. There may be things that you don't like that I edited. Therefore to avoid conflicts, I recommend you load this mod at the top of your load order, as high as possible so other mods overwrite any changes made from this mod. There are no scripts, or modified level list, but I would still Run Loot and Wrye Bash for good practice. Maybe even with a little help from the modding community, we can create a custom quest or something. I've Cleaned the Mod as best I could with SSEEditQAC. I do need help creating a custom world map. Just throwing that out there. Also, I highly recommend you watch Febrith Darkstar's video. It's truly awesome!


  The Manson is located in a massive Dark fantasy forest called the Lost woods. (Original, I know) It's called the lost woods for a reason. You can get there by following the road south in Falkreath just past "Halldir's Cairn". (Location in Images) The forest was intended for hunting purposes and Exploration. I hand placed every tree, deer, and rock. It was a lengthy process. There are some bugs, Hidden secrets, and a few cool Easter eggs and references. I consider the mod unfinished, but I wanted to go ahead and release it. The game sometimes has a hard time loading all the manikins and they walk places. This is a vanilla bug and I am aware of it. I always kind of liked it to be honest. It reminds me of the weeping angels off of "Doctor who" and adds in a creepy factor.

  I'm running Skyrim on a monster Gaming computer so I don't have any problems with the mod loading on my end. I get about 50 FPS or so in the forest. I have well over 400 mods loaded and all working fine. So no mod conflicts that I know of. I don't know if your computer can handle the mod or not. Just be warned that this is not a "Light" mod. The forest is very GPU intensive. Furthermore depending on your ENB and your mods loaded, your mansion might look different than mine. I've Been modding for a very, very long time, and am pretty good with the CK (Knock on wood). Again, this was for personal use. Also the size of the world space can't be overstated, It's Truly massive!


    I don't claim any of the Elements from any of the "items, textures, meshes" that you see from other mods. They are in the pictures because they are in my load order. If you want something similar, you must go to said mod pages and download their content. All credit goes to the creators of those mods. Not me. I just created the world space and Mansion. I used all Vanilla assets, and all the official DLC's are required along with the update ESM. I ported this mod over from Oldrim to Skyrim Special Edition. Ops check good, I have noted no defects at this time.

  PS: The master Key is located on the desk in the Enchanting Tower.   


I recommend installing with vortex or MO. I also recommend placing it near the top of your load order, and letting loot and Wrye bash do their thing. I Do Not recommended on a current play-through but I don't think you'll run into any issues if you do. I take no responsibility for damaged saves, or my incorrect Grammar/Spelling of words. I hereby and officially exempt myself from all damages and such.  

Q: Do I need to install this on a fresh save?
A: No, but if you are updating from a previous version, you should always backup your saves and ESP before install. 

Q: It's so BIG!
A: Not a question, and yeah, I get that all the time. 

Q: How do I find the Manor? 
A: Just follow the lights and evil Cairns to the manor. Remember, it's called the lost woods for a reason. 

Q: How do I get inside? 
A: The front door, and only the front is unlocked. The master key opens the rest and is in the top tower. (Only one way to go, can't get lost). 

Q: Is it safe to store items in the manor? 
A: Yes, nothing in the manor resets. 

Q: The manikins move! It's creepy and I'm scared! 
A: This is a vanilla bug that happens do to too many objects loading in cell at once. I can possibly fix it if enough ppl complain about it. But I like it creepy. You can disable/enable in console to reset them if they really bother you.

Q: Can followers follow inside?
A: Yes, I also recommend using EFF to set followers. You can set their residence to the manor with this mod. 

Q: How many keys are there? 
A: Only the one master key on the desk, but there is another one through the gate to open the scorched boss chest in Oblivion.

Q: How big is the world space?
A: Didn't measure with a tape  measure but I say it's about the size of Solstheim.

Q: Why is it always raining?
A: I like it like that. It fits the mood of the manor. 

Q: I can't open some of the display cases, what gives? 
A: There are certain static items that you can't grab anyway, besides they're on display for a reason. 

Q: Why are the bosses so tough?
A: I made them much easier on later updates. They are late game bosses guarding powerful custom items, they are supposed to be tough. There's plenty of powerful "cheat" items to help fight them scattered throughout the manor. You need to go into Oblivion prepared. 

Q: I found a bug, what do I do!
A: PM me and/or post it in the bug section. 

Q: Why is the mod so dark?!? 
A: I play as a Vampire with night vision on so this was never a problem for me. Remember this was a mod for personal use. I had never intended to release it. 

Q: Hearthfire adoption support? 
A:  Sadly no. I've never been interested in the whole Hearthfire adoption thing so I never Implemented it. Besides, I wouldn't want my kids living in this creepy house. It would be to much like Eddie Murphy in "The Haunted Mansion". 


 -Thinking about Splitting up the interior. (adding load doors). This will help with load times, Creepy moving manikins. (Need feedback in comments)
 -Plan on adding more enemies to forest, wolves, bears, spriggans, werewolves, and ambient wildlife. (Open to suggestions)
 - I want to add more Critters and flora.  
 - I want to clean up the forest a bit and complete the outlining borders. 
 - Add maybe a small village out in the woods. Kinda like sleepy Hollow.

  • Update V1.0.1 is Available to download. Just over-write existing esp. No new save should be required. Minor navmesh fixes, Oblivion battle a little easier. Followers can now follow in woods. First version still available in downloads if you still want it, or need it for trouble shooting.  
  • V1.0.2 is up. This is a simple update to V1.0.1. I had a bad reference in bleak-falls barrow I removed. Just overwrite ESP. No new Save Required. Thanks to Kossi36 for bringing this to my attention. 
  • Next major update is out! ( V1.0.3) massive Nav mesh fixes, Followers should follow without problems, flushed out forest, fixed some floating trees, made Finding house easier, easier boss battles, Easter eggs, multiple interior edits, Planters added, new dark cabin in woods, added small village, another secret room added, gave the borders some much needed love, spell fixes, other enumerable small fixes, and some landscape edits.

All credit from other mods seen in screenshots goes to their respective mod authors. I take absolutely no credit from these mods.  


OTHER MODS SEEN IN IMAGES AND MY LOAD ORDER, INCLUDE BUT NOT LIMITED TO.....(not included in my mod, just for credit purposes). 

SE mods, not LE
Simply Bigger trees and plants
Veydosebrom Regions (highly recommended)
Realistic Water two
Obsidian Weathers
Enhanced Lights and FX
                Any ELFX patches for your Load order.
Enhanced Blood Textures
Skyrim 2020, 2019, 2018 by Pfuscher 
Immersive jewelry 
The Bones and Skeletons Retex by Andre7890 (Oldrim mod works fine in SE, sorry can't find link) 
High Poly project by LucidAPs 
Stunning Statues 
True Beauty for Dibella (Statue)
Ancient Dwemer Metal  (Oldrim mod but works fine.)
Frankly HD dragon bones (Again, Highly recommend all of Frank family mods.)
Ultimate Noble beds  
Skyrim Remastered Troll Skull 
Werewolf Retex by Vuthakral 
Ruins Puzzle Pillar Retex By Haladoon 
8K Up-scaled Daedric Armors By Kartoffel
Rustic Clutter Collection  
Animated Clutter 
Book Covers Skyrim
Sounds of Skyrim Complete SE 
Embers HD 
Rugnarok by Gamwich
Forgotten Retex Project
HD Photo realistic Ivy

Thanks to Bethesda for such an awesome Game, Nexus Mods, and the community!

These are just a few Mods That I have loaded. This is by no means "All of my mods in my load order". This is enough to get you started. :) If you want "Revenant Manor" to look like Mine does, you need to go and download these mods separately. And don't forget to endorse them!

Wish you all the Best.