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When you first became thane, did you FEEL like a thane? Well, this mod makes sure that you do. Once you become the thane of a hold you gain the ability to collect taxes, have the hold's guards follow you, have the hold's guards arrest people, exchange your thane weapon for a better version and more!

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When you become the thane of a hold in vanilla Skyrim, you essentially just get a fancy axe (which will be obsolete a few levels later) and a one use dialogue for a get out of jail free card. That doesn't really make you feel part of the nobility. Well, with this mod I set out to change that.

With "True Thane" you gain a bunch of new abilities which will make you feel like you really were named to be part of your hold's nobility.

Currently these abilities are:
-You can exchange your thane weapon (such as the Axe of Whiterun) for a version that is more suitable to your level. So if you originally got an iron one at level 2 but now you're level 30 you can exchange it for an ebony version.
-You can collect taxes from the fine citizens of your hold once a month.
-You gain the ability to tell the guards of your hold to arrest and imprison a random person. This may require a persuasion attempt if enabled in the Mod Menu.
-You gain the ability to recruit guards of your hold as followers. By default you can recruit 2 at once, but you can adjust how many guard followers you can have from 1 to 12 in the Mod Menu. Guard followers do not take up regular follower slots.
-You can now use your get-out-of-jail-free card mutliple times. Standard this is set to every 14 days but this can be changed with the Mod Configuration Menu.
-You gain the "Thane of Hold" power which rallies your followers (if they are from the hold you're thane of), calms non-follower hold citizens (including guards) and strikes fear in the hearts of everyone else.
-All of the buying prices in the hold you're thane of are reduced and all selling prices in the hold you're thane of are increased.
-In the name of the jarl you may name new housecarls to defend you from among the citizens of Whiterun if they like you well enough to accept the honour.
-Your housecarls now have two abilities: They gain a "Rallying Cry" to inspire you and your followers when you enter combat and with their new "Bodyguard" ability will finally live up to their oath to defend you with their lives.
-Your housecarls also gain unique abilities depending on the hold they were named under.
-You gain the ability to make an encouraging speech to any of your followers who are Whiterun or Falkreath citizens which will inspire them for a brief moment to fight better.
-You gain the ability to, once a day, extort any citizen of the hold you're thane of. But watch out, if you get caught you could be in trouble.
-You are given a unique set of hold Thane Armour with the hold's logo emblazoned on it. The armour has different versions which level with you and you can exchange your old armour for an appropriately levelled version (just like the thane weapon) by talking to the hold's steward.
-You are given a signet ring to identify your status as thane. You can turn on or off whether this ring is necessary to be recognised as thane by NPCs.
-On top of everything else, every hold has unique benefits for their thane suited to what's characteristic about that hold. You can find out what they are below.

For a more extensive description of all of these abilities and benefits, look below.

This mod also has an extensive Mod Configuration Menu which allows you to customize many aspects of the mod such as how much you get in taxes each month, whether you need to persuade guards to get them to arrest someone and how long it takes for you to be able to use your get-out-of-jail-free card again and more.

Currently this mod only works if you're Thane of Whiterun (from version 1.1 and onwards) or Thane of Falkreath while Siddgeir is in power (as of version 2.1). I am currently working on finishing Falkreath (for the Stormcloaks) and will move on to another hold afterwards.

However, if this mod gets over 100 endorsements and over 1,000 unique downloads, then I'll probably add the other holds as well. Update: As of right now we have reached our goal of 100 endorsements and over 1,000 unique downloads. Thank you to every single person who downloaded and endorsed this mod. This is the first of my mods to get to this point, so I very much appreciate it. And it is very encouraging that you all liked my mod well enough to get me here. This is great community and I'm glad to be part of it. I will do my best to try to add the other holds over time. I don't know how long this will take as I'm not sure how much I'll have to redo from scratch and , for just Whiterun, I have already spent somewhere between 100-200 hours on making this mod, so I hope you all have patience with me.

If you like this mod (and maybe some of my others), please consider supporting me on Patreon. I would love any and all support. And you can get a few neat perks as well as regular updates on the status of my mods and what I'm currently working on and sneak previews of new features.

Exchanging Your Thane Weapon

With this mod you can exchange the weapon you got when you became thane for a weapon which is levelled to your current level. For example if you first became thane of Whiterun at level 2 and got the iron axe version of the Axe of Whiterun then you can return at level 40 and exchange your original iron axe version for the ebony axe version of the axe of Whiterun.

In order to do this just go to the steward of the hold (for Imperial Whiterun this is Proventus Avenicci) and ask to exchange your weapon.

Important: If you did not have this mod active when you became thane of the hold, this does not work automatically. However, you can use the "Add the Axe of Whiterun" option in the Mod Configuration Menu in order to grant yourself a levelled version of the Axe of Whiterun appropriate to your level. From that point onwards you can also go to the steward whenever you need to exchange it for a higher level version.

Collecting Taxes

With this mod you can collect taxes from your hold once every month.

By default the way to do this is to go to the hold's steward (for Imperial Whiterun this is Proventus Avenicci). They will have a dialogue option that will allow you to collect your taxes.

By default you will get a simple notification every time your taxes are in and you can go collect them. If you do not collect your taxes for multiple months in a row they will simply build up and you will receive all of your taxes at once when you come collect them.

With the MCM you can choose to get a messagebox to tell you when your taxes are in instead, or you can set it to use a courier. When the courier is set to active a courier will automatically be sent to find you every time your taxes are in. You will then get a note with your taxes and automatically receive the gold.

Every hold has a set amount of money that is collected every month through taxes (for Whiterun this is 1200 gold by default). However with the MCM you can adjust this amount, either decreasing or increasing it depending on what you like best.

Once the Civil War is over the tax revenue for all holds will increase (for Whiterun this will increase it to 1500 by default) to reflect the return of stability and prosperity to Skyrim. This option can, however, be turned off with the MCM if you want.

Important: In order to start collecting taxes you must first talk to the steward (in the case of Whiterun this is Proventus Avenicci) about your taxes first. After you've talked to them for the first time you will start collecting taxes every month.


With this mod you can walk up to a random guard for a hold that you're thane of and ask them to imprison someone. You can then walk up to the person you want and have them imprisoned. This imprisonment will last for 1 day during which they can be found in the dungeon of the hold (the Dragonsreach Dungeon in case of Whiterun). This also means they will not follow their regular schedule during this time, meaning if you wanted to burgle their house... just saying. You can only use this dialogue option every 24 hours.

By default imprisoning someone requires a persuasion attempt. First you will have to persuade the guard to believe you that you've been assaulted. Then you need to persuade them the person you point to did the crime. The higher ranked the person is in society, the harder it will be to convince the guard they are the culprit. For example having a random beggar arrested is an easy speechcheck, however having a member of the Jarl's court arrested is a very hard speechcheck. Some people, like other guards and the Jarl himself, cannot be arrested.

With the MCM you can choose to disable this need for any persuasion attempt.

By default having someone arrested by falsely accusing them will reduce your relationship rank with them (imagine that, right?). However with the MCM you can disable this so having someone arrested doesn't affect their relationship rank with you.

Important: I had a few issues with this ability while I was creating it. I believe these issues have been solved, however I would say be careful with it. And for the time being I would save before using this ability. If an NPC does not return to their normal schedule after being imprisoned, please tell me this in the "posts" section of this mod so I can fix it.

Recruit Guards as Followers

With this mod you can walk up to the guards of a hold you're thane of and recruit them as your followers. They do not actually take up a follower slot, so you can have them in addition to a regular follower or followers. They do not have all of the regular features of followers (such as waiting or grabbing things) but they will still follow you and defend you.

By default you can recruit up to 2 guards at any one time.

With the MCM you can change how many guards you can have as followers at any one time from 1 up to 12.

Important: For a reason that I haven't been able to fix for now the guards will sometimes stop following you if you quit the game and re-enter. Or they may continue following you if you load an earlier save where you hadn't yet recruited them. This is easily fixed however. Just go to the Mod Configuration Menu and press the "Clear All Guard Followers" button. This will get any guards who are still following you to unfollow you and allow you to re-recruit any guards who have stopped following you.

Enhanced Get-Out-of-Jail-Free Dialogue Option

While in vanilla you can only use your Get-Out-of-Jail-Free card once, with this mod you can re-use it multiple times.

By default you can reuse this dialogue option every 14 days.

Using the MCM you can set this to reuseable every 1 day or up to every 31 days.

By default your bounty can, at most, be 999 gold in order to use this option (for balance reasons). This means that you cannot avoid getting jailed as thane for murder.

Using the MCM you can set this bounty from 40 gold up to 10,000 gold, however.

Thane Greater Power

This mod also adds the "Thane of Hold" (currently only "Thane of Whiterun") greater power. This power can be used once a day and will rally any followers you have who are citizens of Whiterun (including any Whiterun guards who are following you), calm all NPCs who are citizens of Whiterun (but who aren't followers) and cast fear on any NPCs who are not citizens of Whiterun in a large area around you.

By default the maximum level of this spell is level 20.

However, using the MCM you can set this from level 1 to level 50. You can also use the MCM to turn off the power, removing it from your spell list, if you want.

This power will be automatically added upon becoming thane if the mod is installed. If you became thane before installing this mod you can go to the MCM and use the button "Add Whiterun Thane Power" to grant yourself the Thane of Whiterun greater power instead. You can also use this button to remove the power if you want.

Thane Discounts

It's good to be Thane, and with this mod installed you will be able to enjoy a discount on all purchases and an increased price for all sales within the hold you're thane of.

This discount perk will be automatically added to your character upon becoming thane if the mod is installed. If you became thane before installing this mod you can go to the Mod Configuration Menu and use the button "Add Whiterun Thane Discount Perk" to grant yourself the discount perk instead. You can also use this button to remove the perk if you want.

Improved Housecarls

With this mod installed you can recruit additional housecarls to serve as your followers. In addition all of your housecarls will now have two new abilities: a rallying cry and the bodyguard ability.

By default you can recruit someone as a new housecarl if they are a citizen of the hold you're thane of, has a relationship rank with you of 3 or 4 and your speechcraft is high enough. You can recruit one additional housecarl by default. This can be done by walking over to them and persuading them to take the job. They will then kneel, you will give a small speech and they will rise to their feet as your new housecarl. Housecarls, including the new one, count as followers. If you wish to have both housecarls with you at once, you may want to install a follower mod such as Amazing Follower Tweaks which allows you to do this.

You can use the MCM in order to adjust how many housecarls you can have (up to a maximum of 6 total) and whether you need to pass a speechcheck to recruit them. You can also turn off the ability to recruit new housecarls (meaning the dialogue option won't show up anymore).

By default the two abilities a housecarl has will be enabled.
-"Rallying Cry" means that once every 24 hours when entering battle your housecarl will give a rallying cry that improves the health, stamina and confidence of you and any other followers you have with you.
-"Bodyguard" means that if you are down to low health and a blow you receive may kill you there is a certain chance that the housecarl may take the hit for you. By default this can kill them (if it reduces their health to 0) even if they are essential. You will get a notification when this happens.

You can use the MCM to turn one or both of these abilities on or off. You can also use it to adjust the time it takes for the Rallying Cry to recharge. In addition, you can use it to set the chance that your housecarl will take a potentially deadly hit for you (by default this is 25%) as well as whether or not this final hit can kill them if they are essential or protected (by turning lethality on or off).

Important: In order for the housecarls to maintain their powers I had to enable a script that runs automatically every few seconds on them. I'm not completely sure whether this will cause any problems, if it's much of a drain on the game's resources (it didn't seem so in my game) or anything like that. But I'm just warning people up front. This script is automatically disabled if you either deactivate the mod or turn off both housecarl abilities if you have any problems with it.

Give an Encouraging Speech

With this mod you can talk to any follower from a hold you're thane of and encourage them with a few dialogue options.

By default there is a chance this speech will succeed and a chance this speech will fail to inspire your follower and the chance depends on your speechcraft skill (with a higher speechcraft giving a bigger chance) or you can disable both (in which case the speech will simply always work). And you can give it every 12 hours before combat starts.

With the MCM you can disable the speechchecks (meaning your chance will be the same independent of level) and/or disable the chance (if the speechecks are still enabled this will switch to purely speechchecks and if they are disabled then it will simply always work). The time between speeches can also be adjusted using the MCM.

Extort Citizens

With this mod active you can go up to any citizens of a hold you're thane of and try to threaten them into bribing you through a dialogue option.

By default this is an intimidation check, the success of this also depends on whether or not you have the "Intimidate" perk, whether you have any guard followers at the time and how high your relationship rank with the Jarl is. Trying to extort someone or succeeding both reduce their relationship rank with you permanently. By default the time between being able to extort citizens is 24 hours. The amount of money you gain from successfully extorting someone depends on their social class: beggars will give the least, regular citizens or small shop owners more, the owners of large shops or other more lucrative jobs even more and finally the nobility will give the most.

With the MCM you can turn off the intimidation check (meaning success will no longer depend on your speechcraft skill), turn off the relationship rank reduction (meaning extorting someone or trying to will no longer lower their relationship rank with you) and finally you can change the time between reuses.

By default failing in extorting a person will have one of several consequences: Either they will simply refuse to give you money, they will start a brawl with you, they will try to kill you (and so attack you with a weapon) or they may report your crime to the guards. If your crime is reported to the guards then the guards will attempt to arrest you (extortion counts as assault). During this arrest you cannot use your thane get-out-of-jail-free card. In addition you will be temporarily stripped of your rank as thane and all your abilities by the jarl. These will be returned to you after a short time. If you are caught a second time the same thing will happen but you will also have any taxes you were still owed confiscated and you will be stripped of your rank as thane for longer. Finally, if this happens a third time then you will be stripped of your rank as thane permanently for wanton corruption and all of the abilities associated with that will no longer work.

With the MCM you can choose to turn off critical failure for extortion (meaning there is no longer a chance that you will be arrested and stripped of your title as thane). You can also determine whether there is a success chance at all (or whether extortion will always work) and what the base chance is (the chance you get without it being modified by speechcraft, the presence of guard followers or your relationship with the jarl). You can also use it to adjust how long your thaneship remains stripped if you are caught extorting someone and imprisoned.

Unique Thane Armour

With this mod you will be granted a full set of unique thane armour upon becoming thane of a hold complete with helmet, cuirass, gauntlets and boots.

By default the cuirass has the Whiterun logo on it (on a tabard). The armour comes in 3 slightly different versions which are slightly better in weight and armour rating than steel, dwarven and ebony armour respectively. Which you get is dependent on your level at the time of receiving the armour, however you can go to the steward (in the case of Whiterun this is once again Avenicci) and exchange your old armour for a higher level version upon outlevelling it in the same way that you can for your thane weapon.

With the MCM you can enable or disable the armour being available. You can also choose four other variations of the armour: one where the hold's logo is quartered with the logo of the empire, one where the hold's logo is quartered with the stormcloak logo, one with a symbol representing the Gray-Manes and another with a symbol representing the Battleborns. If you already have the armour in your inventory then checking off any of these options will automatically remove the old version and give you the new version you've selected.

The empire and stormcloak versions also vary in appearance between levels as the default Whiterun armour does. The Gray-Mane and Battleborn versions do not vary in appearance between levels, however there are still 3 different versions of the armour with three different prices, weights and armour ratings.

Thank you to Lizard2176 who did a great job creating this armour for me and thank you to Legofingerz for the creaton of the original mesh for the armour (available in his mod here: as well as th3rm0pyl43 for helping to create the light version.

Signet Ring

You will also gain a "signet ring" upon becoming thane which identifies you as thane to strangers. This is mostly for the purposes of immersion as it is a bit odd that every single person in Whiterun knows immediately that you are thane and what you look like and that the guards will let you go for just saying you're thane without any proof (well with the signet ring, you now have it).

By default this ring does nothing except look nice on your finger.

With the MCM, however, you can enable the option "Require Signet Ring" which means that random people will no longer recognise you as being thane unless you have the signet ring equipped to identify you. Wearing your thane armour also works to get random people to recognise you as thane. Being recognised as thane is required to be able to access all dialogue options related to this mod. The steward, the jarl and your housecarls and Whiterun followers will still recognise you as thane regardless. This may be quite good for "going undercover" roleplay.

Currently the signet ring does not have a unique model, however I am working on this and hope to give it one in the next update.

Unique Hold Benefits

Every hold has unique benefits that are granted to you as thane. These benefits are always meant to suit the things which are characteristic about the hold you're thane of.

-Whiterun: When you become thane a free horse is provided for you. It can be received by asking the hostler at the Whiterun stables for it. This horse has more health (300 as opposed to 250), more stamina (200 as opposed to 100) and is faster (140 speed as opposed to 100) than a normal horse. This horse is unique and if it dies it will not respawn and you cannot get it back in any way. With the MCM you can disable the horse, adjust its health (from 250 to 500), adjust its stamina (from 100 to 400) and adjust its speed (from 100 to 200).

-Falkreath: You gain six unique benefits from being thane of Falkreath including a hunting dog, the ability to get free firewood, hunters who will hunt game for you, the permission to legally hunt in the jarl's forests for free and a special suit of thane armour which is more powerful than that of other holds (not yet included in version 2.1).

*When you become thane of Falkreath you are given a hunting dog. This dog is very fast and, by default, can paralyse wildlife (such as elk or deer) when it attacks them. In addition, your dog can sniff out nearby wildlife for you in the form of a lesser power. While the dog is following you, you gain a "Detect Wildlife" power. This means that, while your dog is nearby, you can use this power so all nearby wildlife appear in the same way that you would see when you use a "Detect Life" spell through hills and from behind walls in an area of 350. When your dog is not nearby the power shows you where you dog is. The dog can also carry things for you as a normal companion can, specifically created to dump your meat and hides on him. You can adjust the dog's capabilities significantly in the MCM (including weakening or turning off its paralysis ability or getting rid of his ability to carry things).

*Naming them as the thane of Falkreath allows your housecarls to become automatically invisible and muffled when you are sneaking. This only applies to thane housecarls you name as thane of Falkreath, not to your Whiterun housecarls. This ability can be disabled in the MCM.

*You are also given the ability to ask the owner of the Falkreath lumber mill to provide you with free firewood. By default this will take 12 hours and he will provide you with 20 firewood. This can be adjusted in the MCM so he provides you up to 100 firewood, the delay can be shortened and you can get rid of the delay and replace it with a recharge period (meaning you get the wood instantly but have to wait a certain time to ask him again). Although not in version 2.1 I intend to make a Hearthfire patch which allows you to also get free lumber for housebuilding.

*You are given access to the Jarl's personal hunters who will hunt any game you want for you. You simply tell them what game you want (rabbit, venison, etc.) and they will get it for you. If you pass a very hard persuasion check they will even deliver you human meat. Their hunts may randomly be more or less successful. Very successful hunts will give you lots of meat, whereas bad hunts will give you little. By default it takes 24 hours for them to hunt you meat, however with the MCM you can change this. The hunters have a realistic schedule where they naturally hunt, hang out at the inn and sleep at different times, however if you find this bothersome you can turn it off in the MCM and then they will simply hang out at the inn the entire time. Although not included in version 2.1 I intend to add an option to tell the hunters to gather alchemical ingredients for you.

*This mod adds a hunting licence system to Falkreath. The game in Falkreath's forests is one of its most precious resources. This means that the jarl considers it his personal property and if you participate in poaching in Falkreath you will receive a 50 gold fine for every animal you kill. You can however pay the Falkreath steward (by default this is Nenya) a sum of 200 gold septims to be allowed to hunt in the jarl's forests for 7 days without being fined. However, once you become thane you no longer have to get a hunting licence to hunt. You can use the MCM to turn off hunting benefits. This will make do away with the hunting licence system and mean you no longer get a bounty for poaching if you don't have a licence.

*Falkreath's unique thane armour will be more powerful than the thane armour of other holds. Specifically it will be better suited to hunting. However this armour is not yet included in version 2.1.

Additional Information
This is just information about the mod which doesn't belong anywhere else on this page:
-The "General" page of the Mod Configuration Menu also has an "Activate Mod" button. This button is turned on by default when you install the mod. It can however be turned off. This will not remove the mod (for this I recommend you use the Nexus Mod Manager), however it will temporarily disable all of the mod's features. This means your thane power will be removed, you will no longer get discounts, you will no longer collect taxes, you will no longer have access to any of the mod's dialogue options, etc. I would not recommend using this option if you don't need to since I'm not sure how it will effect the mod after you reactivate it (although theoretically it should be fine).
-If you were already Thane of Whiterun before installing the mod (or have a mod installed that doesn't allow you to complete the quest "Dragon Rising") then the changes this mod makes to being thane (such as giving you the armour) will not all be made automatically. However, you can click the "Make Thane of Whiterun" button to grant you all of the mod's benefits.
-This mod is primarily an immersion mod which is meant to add things that make you feel more like you are actually thane of a hold. This is not a quest/story mod. However, for Falkreath I did add a secret little story beat as of version 2.1. It's very subtle and many people may not even notice it, but if you pay attention you'll find it in at least some of your playthroughs (depending on your decisions). If you want to be spoiled on what it is, you can read the answer here but I would recommend just waiting and seeing.

Bugs & Problems
Here are some of the bugs and problems that I (or others) have found for this mod:

Current Bugs & Problems
-For a reason that I haven't been able to fix for now the guards will sometimes stop following you if you quit the game and re-enter. Or they may continue following you if you load an earlier save where you hadn't yet recruited them. This is easily fixed however. Just go to the Mod Configuration Menu and press the "Clear All Guard Followers" button. This will get any guards who are still following you to unfollow you and allow you to re-recruit any guards who have stopped following you.
-While you aren't wearing your signet ring you will still be spoken to in random dialogue as if you are thane by random people. I don't yet know for sure how to disable this and will have to look into it further to see if that's possible.
-The thane armour helmet has a slight issue where from the front you see some odd textures underneath due to the visor.
-When making someone a housecarl you may hear an audio clip of odd screaming sometimes for certain NPCs. I hope to fix this eventually.
-Falkreath's hunting dog will, sometimes, not seem to attack game when you attack it. Currently I'm not entirely sure what causes this problem, and it seems to happen at random, so I haven't been able to fix it despite trying for many hours. Hopefully I'll be able to fix this by the next version.
-The Housecarl added to Falkreath by the Hearthfire DLC, Rayya, will not automatically be given housecarl abilities. This is because I've had some problems with creating an .esp dependent on Hearthfire as well. I do intend to fix this eventually, however.
-As of version 2.1 the Falkreath motivation dialogue says citizens of "glorious Whiterun" rather than Falkreath. I've already fixed this and this fix will be included in version 2.2.

Fixed Bugs & Problems
-Sometimes an NPC named "Nazeem's cousin" may appear after you tell a guard to unfollow you and then fast travel. I put this NPC in the game for practical reasons related to how this mod does certain things. But normally he's not supposed to get out of his world cell. But don't worry, the next update should fix this problem. I wouldn't recommend disabling him, however. Since that may cause some problems with the guard following functionality (although I'm not 100% sure). Update: As of version 1.2 this problem should be fixed. And just in case it pops up again, from now on if you encounter Nazeem's cousin you get a dialogue option that teleports him away instantly.
-I've had some problems with the housecarl abilities ceasing to function. I think I managed to fix it, but I'm not 100% sure. If you have this problem, please tell me in the Posts section of this mod.
-Currently some things may only work if the Jarl is Barguulf. I hope to change this in the next version of the mod to include the jarl if Barguulf dies and the potential for a Stormcloak victory (but this may take some time as I never play the Stormcloak side normally so I'll have to play up to that point to test it first). Update: As of version 1.3 the Stormcloak version of the Whiterun thaneship should work perfectly.
-When you got arrested in Whiterun you would get stripped of your thaneship as if you were caught extorting someone even if you were jailed for a different crime. Update: As of version 1.3 this has been completely fixed and should no longer happen.
-When you tried to rally Lydia with an encouraging speech you would be unable to get to the final speech option. Update: As of version 1.3 this has been fixed and you should be able to use your encouraging speech on Lydia as well.
-Your unique horse would not be correctly removed up being stripped of your thaneship in version 1.3.2. Update: As of version 1.3.3 this has been fixed and your horse should be removed correctly when your thaneship is stripped and returned correctly if it is reinstated.

All suspected and confirmed compatibilities and incompatibilities with other mods will be listed here.

Confirmed Compatibilities:
-Compatible with Skyrim Reputation. Confirmed by Mjp1975.

Confirmed Incompatibilities:
-Incompatible with Thane Weapons Reborn. I have confirmed this myself. You will not receive the special weapons provided by Thane Weapons Reborn if you have this mod active. However, you can turn off the "Activate Mod" option before becoming thane in order to get the Thane Weapons Reborn weapon and activate the mod again afterwards. I would not recommend this however as I'm not sure what effects it might have on my mod afterwards. I do plan on making a patch for this mod if I am allowed by its creator, however.

Suspected Incompatibilities:
-It has not yet been confirmed but this mod probably does not work normally alongside "Skyrim Unbound Reborn" since the quest "Dragon Rising" is not included in that mod and it's necessary to activate most of the thaneship benefits included in this mod. If enough people ask I will look into making this mod fully compatible. Brought to my attention by ryanmayfair. Update: As of version 1.2 of "True Thane" I have added an MCM option ("Make Thane of Whiterun") that simply adds all thane benefits for Whiterun at will even if you haven't completed "Dragon Rising" (which should circumvent the lack of the quest).

These are just some personal recommendations I'm making based on how I envision this mod and its features.

-I recommend that everyone instal either Guard Dialogue Overhaul or Skyrim Reputation (or possibly both) in order to have guard dialogue also be appropriate to your station. This is not something I included in this mod myself, specifically because I was already familiar with Guard Dialogue Overhaul and thought that mod had this aspect covered. I have since learned of Skyrim Reputation and, although I haven't played with it for a very long time yet, it seems like that mod also has this aspect covered.

Game Mechanics
-The unique abilities for Falkreath in regards to hunting are probably particularly well-suited to be combined with a mod like Realistic Needs and Diseases (which is the needs mod I use) or other similar mods that add a need to eat.

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