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A small isolated cabin that is ideal for hunter characters, werewolves or Hircine worshipping characters.

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A small werewolf-themed cabin. Ideal for hunter characters, werewolves or worshipers of Hircine. Includes an alchemy or enchanting table in the basement next to the blacksmithing area. Not suitable for more than a single person so not a home ideal for a person with multiple followers. It has a small farm outside for local ingredients including animals that supply milk and eggs, along with a new grain mill and fishing spot. There are multiple places of storage with everything you would need to live comfortably. it is also a good beginner home. It is located south of Pinewatch in Falkreath Hold.


Bugs: Removed the bandits that refused to deactivate and not spawn. now they are deleted and should no longer kill your farm animals.

Installation: Place in data folder or use mod manager of choice

Incompatibilities: None known so far.

My Mods:
Immersive Grey Quarter
Quills Sonnet
Aldmeri Proudspire TNF Manor
Green Pact Vlindrel Hall

Special Thanks:
Darkfox127 and Elianora for their amazing tutorials
MXR Mods for getting me into modding
Everyone below

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