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This project was developed in December 2019 and finalized as this working prototype. It is not the full vision of what I wanted for this mod but due to life circumstances, I'm releasing this mod as it is now - due to the risk of this never being released, which would be a shame. Development on my side will likely not continue.

Many many thanks to Stillsnow1234 for his assistance in backporting the plugin to LE!!

I highly recommend pairing this mod with the awesome Magnus Robe mod by wyllarth

How to get the gauntlet?
Well, I didn't make it easy. Purchase the 6 expensive gems from the Dremora Merchant in the Dragonborn DLC.
Then craft the gauntlet using the Skyforge in Whiterun at the Daedric category after speaking to Eorlund Gray-Mane about the Skyforge Reawakening during the companion's questline. I do think this requires finishing the Companions questline. 
Please note this has not been extensively playtested. 

The gauntlet increases destruction spell power by 100% and reduces spell costs for all schools by 100%. Now you don't have to drink destruction potions to play viably as a mage at any given time. It's also a heavy armour item that can be tempered enough to satisfy any armour requirement. It does not increase enchanting effectiveness at this time because I feel that would be game-breaking because of the enchanting/alchemy exploit. Imagine the need for the enchanting gem to bind the power of the other together I guess.
Works best at 100 character weight and designed with the arch-mage robes in mind. Female characters will have man-hands but it's not too noticable. Beast race compatible too.

I give full permission to anyone else to develop this mod further as a re-release.
But please credit me in your release :)

Click the images below to join my Discord or check out my Patreon. If you need to get in touch :)